Wipe Data from a Volume

Usually, you may consider getting a volume erased in the following situations:
1. The data in the volume is not useful anymore and users want to wipe it to gain more free space.
2. Users want to remove the data in the volume completely and permanently so as to protect the privacy.
Then how would you do it? Perhaps you will choose to delete the data or format the whole volume, but unfortunately, this is not a wise choice, because the deleted/formatted data can be recovered easily by using some data recovery tools like MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Obviously, if the volume you want to wipe contains very privacy information, you need to seek for another way to wipe data from a volume.

Best Hard Drive Eraser to Wipe Volume

To get rid of the data completely, you should make use of a partition magic. And we recommend using MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro. This professional disk partition manager is not only able to manage basic disks, but also is capable of dealing with dynamic disks. To wipe data from a volume, its Wipe Volume feature is the right choice to prevent other people from recovering it maliciously. This action can ensure the security of users’ private and sensitive data by destroying all information in the chosen volume.
Kind remind: Wipe volume a paid feature in MiniTool Partition Wizard; hence you may need to purchase a professional license to activate this feature.
Note: Please make sure all data can be erased, since all the data in the target volume will be wiped and cannot be recovered anymore.
Here is a demonstration of how to get a volume erased using MiniTool Partition Wizard.
Step 1. After installing and registering MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro on computer, select the volume you would like to wipe and choose Wipe Volume from the left action panel or under the Dynamic Disk list.
Wipe Data from a Volume-1
Step 2. Look through the five wiping methods and choose one according to your actual needs. Then click OK to continue. It is worth mentioning that the slower way you choose, the more times rewriting is carried out on your volume.
Wipe Data from a Volume-2
Step 3. Finally, to wipe hard drive, click Apply button at the menu bar.
Tip: MiniTool Partition Wizard also offers the ways to Move/Resize Volume, Copy Volume, Change Volume Cluster Size and so on. If you have the requirement to these operations, you can try this professional partition manager.
MiniTool Partition Wizard is so powerful in removing information that users can wipe data from a volume completely and permanently by using it. In addition, this partition magic offers many other functions relevant to disk and partition management. Don’t hesitate to buy one.


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