Wipe data from a volume

Perhaps many computer users will choose to delete the data or format the volume that they don’t need. But in this way, the data can be recovered easily by using some recovery tools. So if users want to get rid of the information completely, they should make use of a partition magic. Wiping volume is to wipe data from a volume permanently so as to prevent other people from recovering it maliciously. This action can ensure the security of users’ private and sensitive data by destroying all information in the chosen volume.
However, when should users wipe data from a volume? Generally speaking, users need to get a volume erased in the following situations.
1. The data in the volume is not useful any more and users want to wipe it to gain more free space.
2. Users want to remove the data in the volume completely and permanently so as to protect the privacy.
Note: please back up the useful information in advance since all the data in the target volume will be wiped.
Here is a demonstration of how to get a volume erased.
Launch the MiniTool Partition Wizard and select the volume to be wiped. Activate “Wipe Volume” from the “Operations” list.
Look through the five wiping methods and choose one according to actual needs. Then click “OK” to continue.
Finally, click “Apply” button to perform the operation.
MiniTool Partition Wizard is so powerful in removing information that users can wipe data from a volume completely and permanently by using it. In addition, this partition magic offers many other functions relevant to disk and partition management. Don’t hesitate to buy one.


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