Windows Won’t Boot after Uninstalling Ubuntu

Can’t Access Windows after Uninstalling Ubuntu

It is very common that some users install Ubuntu as the second operating system on the same PC to experience this popular Linux OS. However, after a period of time, they will find that it is not so user-friendly to use this command line bases OS as to use Windows OS, thus they finally decide to delete it. Nevertheless, they will encounter another difficult, that is Windows won’t boot after uninstalling Ubuntu. A typical example is showing here:

I have a Dell XPS 9530 that I originally configured to dual boot Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu. I’ve been too busy to actually play with the Ubuntu partition and it has been a year since I last booted into it. I decided it was time to delete the Ubuntu partition and extend mg Windows partition to occupy the whole drive. It turns out that was more problematic than I had figured.
I cannot get my laptop to boot now.
It starts up a Grub terminal with minimal bash support. How do I fix this?


Have you ever met the same situation? Or are you troubled by how to solve this issue right now? before we tell you the best solution, we would like to share what caused Windows won’t boot after deleting Ubuntu.
Generally speaking, when installing Ubuntu on Windows platform, the GRUB of Linux will be installed to MBR of the hard drive. When uninstalling Ubuntu from the hard drive, the boot sector code of MBR will be damaged. Thus, users will receive boot errors such as “no such partition grub rescue“. In this case, Windows will fail to boor and we need to find a way to restore the boot sector code to its original state.

Solution to Windows Won’t Boot after Uninstalling Ubuntu

In fact, via rebuilding or fixing MBR in boot mode, Windows can boot again normally. Here we think you can use Windows Installation DVD to do this job by entering command prompt, or you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD to do this. In our opinion, the latter one is more preferred.
Before you do:
Download the .iso file from the official website.
Burn it to a USB flash drive or CD/DVD.
• Set computer to boot form this bootable media you created in BIOS.
Step 1. Click on the system disk to choose “Rebuild MBR” from the action pane. Also you can right click on the target disk and choose this feature form the pop-up window.

Step 2. Hit “Apply” on the toolbar.
After doing this, exit MiniTool Partition Wizard and remove the bootable media. Set computer to boot from the original hard disk. If it works, then congratulations!
By the way, you see there are many other useful features for disk partition management. For example, you can use it copy system to another hard drive through the “Migrate OS to SSD/HD” feature; you can use it to do lost partition recovery; or you can use it resize system partition safely. Just have a try on these useful feature and make full use of this freeware.


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