Windows Server 2008 partition magic partition recovery

When managing partitions in Windows Server 2008, many users may have ever encountered the situation where partition is lost, which causes a lot of data to be lost and brings serious losses. And the solution we bring to users involves a partition magic. Seeing here, many users may feel relaxed because a lot of partition magic software can be downloaded from the internet, but can we download and use it randomly? Absolutely we can’t. As a server operating system, Windows Server 2008 has a higher demand for security. Most of partition magic software on the internet has all kinds of defaults, so users can not trust it totally. And there is little partition magic software that is able to recover lost partition and the compatibility of Windows Server 2008 also has limitations, so the Windows Server 2008 partition magic that is able to recover lost partition is hard to find. However, if users visit , the server partition magic can be downloaded and it is able to realize partition recovery in Windows Server 2008 and recover lost data synchronously.

Recover lost partition
After downloading and installing the server partition magic, please launch it.

We can see from the main interface that this server partition magic has many partition management functions. Besides, we can also see current disk states and partition distribution conditions. Wanting to recover lost partition, please click “Partition Recovery Wizard” in “Wizards” column.

This is the starting interface of Partition Recovery Wizard, which reads that it is able to recover lost or deleted partitions. Then click “Next>” to go on.

Select the disk where the lost partition was in this interface and click “Next>” to continue.

We can select scanning range in this interface. After confirming the range, please click “Next>” to go on.

Select scanning method and click “Next>” button to scan the selected disk.

We can see the above interface after the partition magic finishes scanning the disk. All current partitions and lost partitions are listed. We should check all existing partitions and the lost partitions that will be recovered. Then click “Finish” to go back to the main interface.

We can see from the main interface that the lost partition is shown, but the operation is not finished yet. We also need to click “Apply” button to perform the operation, finishing recovering lost partition really.

Via the above operation demonstration, it is believed that most users have grasped the method for partition recovery. Besides Partition Recovery Wizard, this server partition magic is also fitted out with many other partition management functions. For more detailed information, please visit other pages on this web.


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