Windows Server 2003 partition magic merge partition

In Windows Server 2003, partition division has great influence on server's working efficiency. If partitions are too few, data classification may not be detailed, which will impinge on data read speed; but if there are too many partitions, partition management will be inconvenient, or single partition may lake space. Therefore, reasonable partition division is extremely important in Windows Server 2003. As to the first situation in Windows Server 2003, administrators can find solutions easily because most of the partition magic is able to resize partition without damaging partition data. They just need to shrink the oversize partition and then create new partitions. But as to the second situation of too many partitions, it is not easy to deal with, for resizing partition can not reduce partition amount, which is a big headache for most server administrators. However, due to the emergence of this partition magic, the problem can be fixed easily because the mentioned partition magic is able to merge partitions, merging the two adjacent partitions without damaging partition data. Then partition amount will decrease and partition management tasks become easier. Then we'll show users how to merge partition in Windows Server 2003 with Windows Server 2003 partition magic.

Merging partitions in Windows Server 2003
Before merging partitions, please download the Windows Server 2003 partition magic from to the operating system. After installing the partition magic, launch it.

We can see disk and partition conditions and many partition management functions in the main interface of this partition magic. Click "Merge" button and we begin to merge partitions.

Select the partition that will be merged and click "Next>".

Select another partition that will be merged in this interface. It should be noticed that the two partitions that will be merged must be adjacent and both must be NTFS partitions. Only if the two conditions are met can merging partitions be realized. When merging partitions is performed, a folder named "merged_partition_content" will be created to store all partition data by default in order to prevent data information from being damaged in the process. And users can also rename the folder. After the setting, click "Finish" to go back to the main interface.

After going back to the main interface, we can see the changes. The original Partition L: and Partition N: have been merged. But this is only a preview. We also need to click "Apply" to finish merging partitions in Windows Server 2003 in a real sense.

Through the above operation demonstration, it is believed that most users have grasped the method for merging partitions. Just download this Windows Server 2003 partition magic to manage your server partitions reasonably.


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