Windows partition recovery

Sometimes, there are so many partitions on hard disk, and users need to delete unnecessary partitions. As known to all, deleting partition is a piece of quite simple work, and Windows built-in disk management tool can help delete partitions very easily. However, accidents like mistaken operation and power failure may emerge in the process of deleting partition. For example, the partition storing important data is deleted by mistake. When encountering partition loss, most users would hope to recover files from lost partition. When talking about file recovery, the vast majority of users first think of using file recovery software, which is indeed an effective method. However, there is a better method for lost partition file recovery, namely performing Windows partition recovery which is able to recover lost partitions as well as files stored on lost partition. Note: if we want to recover lost files completely, we should stop all unnecessary operations so as to avoid data overwriting and data damage.

How to realize Windows partition recovery?
To recover lost partitions, users need to download an excellent partition magic. Currently, professional partition magic can be regarded as the best tool to recover lost partitions, but it is not easy to find such a partition magic. On the internet, most partition magic can not meet demands for Windows partition recovery, because they have serious defects, such as poor compatibility, low security, and complex operability. Therefore, many Windows users want to download professional partition magic to realize perfect Windows partition recovery. Here, users are recommended visiting to download totally excellent partition magic whose Windows partition recovery competence is amazing.

Recover lost partitions with professional partition magic
If we want to perform Windows partition recovery by using this partition magic, we need to launch it to open its main interface at first. The following screenshot is the main interface of the professional partition magic:

Windows partition recovery
Then, choose the functional button “Partition Recovery Wizard” from “Wizards” column and click “Next” button to enter the following interface:

Windows partition recovery1
Next, choose the disk where Windows partition recovery will be made and click “Next” button to enter the next interface:

Windows partition recovery2
Then, choose a scanning range from “Full Disk”, “Unallocated Space”, and “Specified Range” and click “Next” button.

Windows partition recovery3
Next, choose a scanning method from “Quick Scan” and “Full Scan” and click “Next” button.

Windows partition recovery4
Here, we can see both lost partitions and existing partitions. Please check all desired partitions and click “Finish” button to complete Windows partition recovery. After that, professional partition magic helps recover lost partitions successfully.


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