Windows 8 resize partition with partition magic

Among all partition management operations, resizing partition is common but of great importance. As Windows operating systems keep upgrading, the built-in disk management tool in Windows operating systems after Windows Vista allows users to resize partition. However, when resizing partition, users may find that the functions of Extend Volume and Shrink Volume only operate on the tail end of a partition, having great limitations. It is also like this even in the latest Windows 8. Then can we resize Windows 8 partition flexibly? Yes, we can. We just need to resort to the free partition magic which can be downloaded from and is able to operate on the two ends of a partition and resizing partition in Windows 8 will accomplished easily. For the sake of that users can grasp the method for resizing partition in Windows 8, we’ll show the operation in detail.

Resizing Windows 8 partition
After downloading and installing the free partition magic, launch it and we’ll see the following interface.

We can see current disk states and partition distribution conditions in Windows 8 from the above interface. And lots of partition management functions are listed in “Operations” area. Select the partition that will be resized and click “Move/Resize Partition” option and resizing interface will be shown.

We can drag the two triangles to resize partition. Seen from this operation, this free partition magic is more flexible than Windows 8 disk management tool which is only able to operate on the tail end of the partition. After resizing partition, we can also drag Partition Handle to move partition. The effect is shown as follows.

Click “OK” to go back to the main interface to preview partition state.

We can see from the main interface that the selected partition has changed. Confirm the operation and then click “Apply” to perform it, finishing resizing Windows 8 partition in a real sense.

Through the above operation demonstration, it is believed that most users have grasped the method for resizing partition with partition magic. Certainly, this free partition magic can not only resize Windows 8 partition, other Windows edition included. And resizing partition is only one of its multitudinous functions. If you also want to get detailed information of other functions, please visit other pages on this web.


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