Windows 8 partition magic

Released on 26th, October, 2012, the revolutionary Windows 8 adopts Metro startup and touch-control interactive system, providing users more convenient operating experience and more effective working environment. Therefore, Windows 8 is preferred by numerous computer users since its release. However, users gradually realize that they fail to manage Windows 8 partition well after a long time of Windows 8 computer use. That is because the common issue of all Windows built-in disk management tool is still unsettled even in Windows 8. To manage Windows 8 partition well, users also have to download partition magic via networks. However, it is quite hard for users who know little about partition magic to identify the performance of provided partition magic online. Here, professional Windows 8 partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard is highly recommended.

MiniTool Partition Wizard
Professional Windows 8 partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard is developed and released by a professional Canadian software development company named MiniTool Solution Ltd., which has devoted to partition management technology research for years and has made achievements. Thus, user’ concern for software security issues makes no sense. Moreover, it is easy to get the software, for users just need to visit the website to download the software to manage Windows 8 partition.

Manage Windows 8 partition

Windows 8 partition magic
The interface above is the main interface of professional Windows 8 partition magic. As presented, the software owns many partition management functions which can greatly meet users’ demands for Windows 8 partition management. Here, take “Split Partition” function as an example. This function can help users split a large partition into two smaller ones via simple operations. Users just need to choose the partition needing to be split and click “Split Partition” in action panel to split Windows 8 partition.

Windows 8 partition magic1
Users just need to drag the button between two partition handles to resize new partition and original partition (Also, directly inputting needed value to corresponding textbox can help users get the same effect). After that, click “OK” to go back to main interface of professional Windows 8 partition magic.

Windows 8 partition magic2
Here, users can see that the chosen Windows 8 partition has been split. However, it is preview effect. Users can click “Apply” in the upper left corner to execute previous changes. When professional Windows 8 partition magic performs all operations, users are successful to split Windows 8 partition. For more information about Windows 8 partition magic, users can visit the mentioned website.


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