Windows 7 Hangs at Start Logo

Windows 7 Sometimes Hangs at Start Logo

Although Microsoft is firmly pushing Windows 10, Windows 7 is still enjoying a huge amount of users. However, many users encounter kinds of issues during the operation, such as Windows Could Not Format a Partition Error Code 0x80070057 and can’t access a partition in Windows. Today we would like to go through a new issue: Windows 7 hangs at loading screen, how does this happen and how to fix it.
Why Windows 7 hangs at the start logo, and what should you do when Windows 7 stuck at loading screen. By searching on the internet, we can find as many solutions as you can imagine. And we have filtered some feasible solutions for Windows 7 users who is bothered with this issue to refer to.

How to Fix Windows 7 Freezing at Start Logo

Way 1: Start Windows 7 in Safe Mode
The first solution we suggest is to boot Widows 7 in Safe mode. You must be wondering why doing so? This is because sometimes Windows updates or something else get hung up, and a restart won’t get work. However, booting Windows 7 in Safe Mode always get everything done. Easy and worth to have a try.
Way 2: Do System Restore
If the first solution does not work, you can make a system restore if you happen to have a full copy. How can you do this? Restart Windows 7 and press F8 when you see the start logo immediately. Then select “Repair Computer” and choose “System Restore”. Select the recent restore point to finish system restore.
Way 3: Check Hard Drive for Errors
Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD and burn it to a USB flash drive. Then boot your computer and check hard drive for errors.
Tip: This post tells how to make a bootable disk with PW free iso 9.1.
Right click on “Surface Test” and see whether there are bad sectors on your drive.
If Partition Wizard find some errors on your hard drive, then you need to send it to repair center or replace it with another hard drive. But first of all, you should carry out copy disk at once.
Right click on the disk icon and choose “Copy” to start disk copy. Please note, this feature only helps to clone the original disk, if the system is damaged, the new drive will also fail to boot. This purpose of doing so is protect your data from being damaged.

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