Windows 2003 extend system partition

The lack of system partition free space may cause slow running of operating system and system crash, and it will intensively influence the normal use of server. This is undoubtedly the result that most server administrators are reluctant to see. Reasonably extending system partition is surely the best way to solve this problem quickly and efficiently. If users use Windows Server 2003 operating system, what can they do to extend Windows 2003 system partition quickly and safely to maintain the efficiency and stability of server in a better way?

Since Windows Server 2003 built-in disk management tool is featured with single function, it does not offer functions to free process system partition extending. Thus, making use of third-party server partition magic to extend Windows 2003 system partition becomes essential. Users have to ensure the software they use to extend Windows 2003 system partition is safe and reliable for there are a large number of vital files in system partition. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a piece of safe and reliable software with simple operations on the market though there is much server partition magic on the software market. In order to let more users finish Windows 2003 system partition extending safely and quickly, we recommend a quite simple but practical server partition magic. Users can download and install it from

How to quickly extend Windows 2003 system partition by using professional server partition magic?
Firstly, if users want to use the powerful partition extending function of professional server partition magic, they must assure that it has been installed to computer. After running this server partition magic, users will see its main interface as shown in the picture below:

Select the Windows Server 2003 system partition which needs extending. Then, choose “Extend Partition” button on the left side. After that, users will see interface shown as below:

This is the partition extending interface provided by server partition magic. Users can select the space which is going to be used to finish Windows 2003 system partition extending from the submenu in this interface and drag sliding button to resize partition reasonably. Then, click “OK” button to confirm setting and go back to main interface:

Click “Apply” button on main interface to execute all operations. Windows 2003 system partition extending will be finished after all operations are done.

If you also want to extend Windows 2003 system partition by yourself under the condition that data security is assured, this safe and reliable professional server partition magic with simple operations will undoubtedly be a good assistant.


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