Why Format Computer

5 Reasons Why You Should Format Your Computer

Basically, formatting a computer is actually formatting a hard drive, since all data we can see or cannot see are actually saved on the hard drive. Put it simply, formatting is the procedure of removing all contents of the hard drive and make it ready for later use. Formatting hard drive/computer can be easily done in an operating system, but users need to know that formatting involves data loss. Therefore, it is important to have a good reason before formatting. Here are five reasons that why format computer.
Tip: How to format computer? By using Disk Management or some partition manager like MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can easily get it done.
1. Your computer fails to boot
Your computer might not start due to virus attacks or some other changes in configuration, chances are that the system won’t start up. In this circumstance, Windows refuses to go further than the DOS screen while booting up. Formatting the hard drive or the computer is g good way to get it working because it removes all the files and errors and restores the computer to a blank state, followed by reinstalling a fresh system.
2. Your hard drive is full
Normally you are saving more files to the computer every day, and the free disk space is getting less and less. Gradually you might find that there is no space to add more files. Although you have the choice to browse all the data and delete those which are unwanted, you can also back up and format because it is the easiest way to delete all the unwanted data and unknown files like the temporary files
3. Too many errors
If there are a lot of errors and virus problems in computer, you may think about formatting. Viruses corrupt the data and make it difficult for the user to open the files properly. They also reduce the system efficiency. Formatting really works great in these circumstances as it wipes out all the data on the computer which includes the viruses and the files that have been corrupted due to it.
4. To upgrade your system
Upgrading the operating system is a great reason to format your computer. Windows is keep upgrade, and there are so many versions for you to choose. If you need to upgrade the operating system, you might need to format your hard drive for a clean install. It is better to start with a brand-new clean slate and have nothing on your hard drive when you start using your new operating system.
5. Your computer is running slow
If the system is running slow, it can be caused by bad sectors on the drive, virus affection, too much disk fragmentation, unreasonable disk partitioning, and some unknown errors. If you can exclrdware problem, formatting can definitely help speed up your computer as the last straw.
However, no matter why you format computer, it is important to back up all the important data on the PC before you start, otherwise the files would be lost and you need data recovery software to help you. We think MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is a good choice. With five modules and simple data recovery wizard offered, you can get the data you want easily.


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