The Size of the Extent Is Less than the Minimum

Today I am going to share a short story of how MiniTool helps me solve an issue that cannot be addressed by using diskpart as well as Disk Management.
While using diskpart to extend volume, I got the following error message:
I didn’t know what does this mean and what was wrong with the size. On my hard drive, I have partition C for Window 7, partition D for my collections, partition E for travel memories and about 20GB free space. I just want to expand my partition D by using the 20GB free space. By searching on the internet, a small quality of closely related answers are found. But finally, I realized that the problem is that the unallocated space is not adjacent to my Partition D.
The proof is that when I right click on partition D and check the context menu, the option Extend Volume is grayed out. See the following picture:
Luckily, I get the explanation in this post: Why Is Extend Volume Grayed out and How to Solve It?
By reading this post I know MiniTool Partition Wizard is a choice to have a try so as to extend my Collection drive. Here is how I make it:

How to Extend Partition Using MiniTool?

1. I just hit my Collection drive and then choose “Extend Partition” from its menu bar.
2. I come across a new window, where I just choose to take the full space of the unallocated and then confirm my choice.
3. I hit the “Apply” button.
Besides, I find that I can also use its “Move/Resize” feature to help me. In my case, I can exchange the location of Travel partition and the unallocated space, to make the disk layout become C, D, Unallocated, E firstly, and then resize Collection partition by using this feature again.


By using the two feature of MiniTool, I totally avoid “the size of the extent is less than the minimum” issue, and successfully extend my partition by using the unallocated pace that is not adjacent to the target partition. Deeply impressed by MiniTool, I decide to share my story to all of you. My own experience is that this program is free, easy to use, and helpful.
So the next time when you can’t extend volume using diskpart or Disk Management, you can have a try on this freeware.


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