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After a long time of hard disk use, users may come across various kinds of issues, and disk bad sector is one of the most severe ones. Besides the quality of hard disk itself and aging factor, hard disk is most likely to be damaged due to improper use. For instance, computer memory has little free space left, so software will access hard disk much frequently. In this condition, defragment becomes an inevitable issue. Moreover, the performance of power supply, high temperature and bad dedusting will also leave a penetrating influence on disk sector. And the disk bad sector issue may lead to abnormal boot of system partition or formatting. However, is there any way to test disk so as to find out disk bad sector? The answer is definitely “Yes”. Here, we would like to introduce a feasible and effective way to perform disk surface test.

Most computer users knowing little about how to test disk surface may seek help from professionals, paying high charges and running high risk of leaking privacy. Considering the very nuisances, we highly recommend users to adopt partition magic software with the function of surface test.


Select Partition Magic to Test Disk Surface


On the market where software is overflowing, it is indeed a tough task for most users who regard it hard to find out a piece of excellent partition magic which provides the function to securely test disk surface. Here, professional partition magic software – MiniTool Partition Wizard is of high recommendation, if users want to avoid unexpected issues brought by using defective software.


Test Disk Surface with MiniTool Partition Wizard


Step 1: Complete the work of software downloading and installation.
Step 2: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to enter its interface for disk surface test (Here, three methods are available for users to adopt):
# Choose the disk needing to be tested, and then click “Surface Test” from left action panel of professional partition magic software.
# Choose the disk which needs to be tested, and then click under “Disk” > “Surface Test” from drop-down list.
# Right click the target disk and click “Surface Test” from pop-up list.
After finishing last step, users will see the following interface:
Step 3: In this interface, users just need to click “Start Now” button to test disk surface.

After all the mentioned steps are done, the professional partition magic software will show users the exact testing effect. If there are bad sectors on the tested disk, the damaged sectors will be marked as red. However, if the whole part is marked as green, it means that there is no bad sector.

Via so simple operations, we have successfully finished the work to test disk surface. If users also encounter the some issue, please feel free to download the recommended software for disk surface test. It is believed that the software will never let users down.


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