Store a file larger than 4G on FAT32 partition

Question: I want to store a file larger than 4G on FAT32 partition, but I failed. What should I do?
Answer: the best way is to convert FAT32 to NTFS.


FAT32 is a Windows file system which employs 32 bit file allocation table. The largest single file it supports can not be larger than 4G. Therefore, it is almost impossible to store a file larger than 4G on FAT32 partition. Nevertheless, users can convert FAT32 partition to NTFS partition which supports a 2TB file at most. Well then, how to realize FAT32 to NTFS conversion? Maybe, some users choose to convert file system by using Windows built-in disk management tool, namely formatting FAT32 partition to NTFS partition, but they have to suffer from data loss at the same time. Actually, turning to professional partition manager is a quite good choice since this method will not bring any influence on data.


Convert FAT32 to NTFS with Partition Manager


To convert file system, we need to download a piece of excellent partition manager from the internet at first. In order to help users avoid downloading partition management software which has defects, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Users can free download the partition manager from the downloading page easily and safely. More importantly, system conversion can be realized in extremely simple operations.
This is the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Firstly, select the FAT32 partition and choose the function “Convert FAT to NTFS” from action panel. Then, click “Start” button to start converting file system. At last, click “Close” button to end operations. After these simple operations, we convert FAT32 to NTFS successfully.

After conversion, users can store a file larger than 4G on the original FAT32 partition.


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