Split System Partition

Why Split System Partition

Why split system partition? You may feel curious about this question. And we will give our explanation. To make it short, that is caused by unreasonable disk partition. Usually some manufacturers of computer provide users with computers that already installed system. And of course the disk is already partitioned also – which seems unreasonable for you to store all documents, pictures and other files. This situation may goes worse if you have only one partition on which Windows operating system is installed, and you want to split the partition to create more partitions from this hard disk. What would you do?
This might be the most common factor leading to split system partition. When system programs and personal data are mixed in one partition, it is not good for users to manage their data and will easily make mistake. Another disadvantage caused by this situation is the data loss issue. If your computer is under virus attack and you can’t boot the system. Then you may possibly need to reinstall the system. However, your are faced with data lose after you reinstall the operating system.
Then let’s cut to the point: how can we split the system partition easily and safely?

Safely Split System Partition with Free Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition is powerful disk management utility with many useful features. It works out easily and safely to help you split system partition without damaging data.
Download Free MiniTool Partition Wizard
We are going to explain the whole process now. Please see the step-by-step instructions:
Before you do, please note:
1. Only the unused space of a partition can be split to create a new partition. If the partition you want to split can offer no more free space, split will fail.
2. If one MBR disk is divided into four primary partitions, the program would not allow you to split the system partition unless you convert one of other primary partitions to logical. For further support, you can visit set partition logical.
3. Please leave Partition Wizard to finish its task before you get access to your computer and operate it.
Step 1: Launch this freeware, click on the system volume C and choose “Split Partition“. Move the arrow leftwards or rightwards and click “OK” to go back to the main interface.
Step 2: You can see that you have split the partition C into partition C and partition M. Thus, if you want to make such a change, press “Apply” to make this change effective.
This is the end of how to split c drive with MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. If you think this post is helpful, you can download this freeware to have a try.


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