Shrink Volume Windows 7

Why Shrink Volume

In many cases, Windows 7 users want to separate their hard drives into several partitions in order to organize kinds of files better. And in some circumstance, you may want to shrink a volume to free some space to expand another partition. Thus, you try to find a tool to help you shrink volumes. Luckily, Microsoft provides the “shrink volume” function in Disk Management, so you can shrink volume in Windows 7. Many users can use this function to shrink a partition to create more partitions.
However, you should know that when you use Disk Management to shrink a volume, the unallocated space it leave out is located after the mother partition. Thus, if you want to use the unallocated space to expand the partition after it, it is not possible with Disk Management, because Disk Management only allows to extend volume with adjacent unallocated space after the target partition. At that time, a third party partition manager is of great meaning.
Having said so much, let’s see how does Disk Management helps to shrink a volume in Windows 7.

Shrink Volume with Windows 7 Disk Management

Step 1: Run “diskmgmt.msc” at Start menu and press Enter to get into Windows 7 Disk Management.
Step 2: Within the Disk Management interface, right click on the volume you want to shrink and select “Shrink Volume”.
Step 3: After querying volume for available shrink space, it will pops out a dialog box. Enter the amount of space that you want to shrink in MB and then click “Shrink”.
Step 4: You will get a new unallocated space next to the volume shrunk.
Note: Disk Management only allows to shrink at most half of the original volume, presuming there are enough free space on the source volume. And in most cases, it is annoying to calculate the accurate MB. In these cases, you try an easier way to shrink partition in Windows 7 by using partition software MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Shrink Volume in Windows 7 with Freeware

As partition magic alternative, MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition not only helps to shrink partition in Windows 7 without data loss, but can shrink partition from both ends of a partition. What’s more, you can easily drag the slider bar to determine how much free pace to shrink.
Step 1: Download and run this freeware.
Step 2: In the intuitive interface, right click on the partition that you want to shrink and select “Move/Resize Partition” option.
Step 3: In the next screen, you can drag from either sides of the partition to shrink partition. You can also enter specific amount to shrink space. Then, click “OK” to continue.
Step 4: At last preview the changes after the shrink. If it meets your needs, click “Apply” to execute all operations.
Apart from shrink volume in Windows 7/8/10, Partition Wizard also helps to extend partition, split partitions, copy disk, migrate OS to SSD/HD, and does MBR & GPT conversion without data loss. Moreover, its integrated safety solutions offer the biggest safeguard for disk management. Download this free Windows 7 partition resizer to have a try.


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