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Sometimes, to protect your data from been changed/deleted by others, you may hide a partition so as to make it disappear from Windows Explorer. The way to hide partition is very easy, you can open Windows Disk Management by running “DISKMGMT.MSC” or you can right click “MY COMPUTER” and choose “MANAGE”, then “DISK MANAGEMENT” to load your disk/partitions. Find the partition you need to hide and choose “CHANGE DRIVE LETTER AND PATH”, then remove the drive letter of that partition. By doing this that partition is missing from Windows Explorer.
In fact, there is another way to hide a partition, that is to use the real sense “HIDE” feature of professional disk partition manager. For more details please see hide partition.
However, what should you do to unhide disk partitions in Windows 7 when it is necessary?

How to Show Hidden Partitions in Windows 7/8/10

There are two ways to unhide partition in Windows 7/8/10. But how do I know which method should I employ? You may ask. Don’t worry, here is the details.
You just right click the hidden partition and see whether the option “CHANGE DRIVE LETTER AND PARTH” is available. If YES, then enter the wizard and add a drive letter for that hidden partition. However, sometimes you will find this option is greyed out (see picture below). This is because the partition is hidden by professional partition manager and the way to show hidden partitions in Windows 7/8/10 is to use professional partition manager also.
Let’s see how to make hidden partition visible.
First of all, you need to download a professional partition manager from the internet. If you have no idea, try using MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. Next, let’s use how this freeware works on showing hidden disk partition.
Step 1: launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Free to get its main interface:
Step 2: select the hidden partition and choose “Unhide Partition” from OPERATIONS. In the pop-up window, appoint a drive letter for the unhidden partition. Finally, click on “Apply” to make all changes performed.
After that, the hidden partition is showing in Windows Explorer again.
Now, you should know how to show hidden partitions in Windows 7/8/10. Please make full use of Windows Disk Management and MiniTool Partition Wizard according to the real situation. One more thing: if the missing partition is missing from both Windows Explorer and Computer Management, it is possible that the partition is lost. At this time, recover lost partition with the feature “Partition Recovery Wizard” of MiniTool Partition Wizard should be very helpful for you.


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