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If you open This PC and find that not all hard disk partitions are listed there, you may wonder: who do some partition disappear? And where do these partitions go? We will give you brief explanation in this article.
Generally speaking, there are three kinds of hidden partition:
• Hard drive has no drive letter
• Hard drive is hidden by software
• Hard drive is hidden because its recovery partition
And the solutions to unhide these three kinds of hidden partition will be shown one by one.

How to Show Hidden Partition in Windows 10

The Hard Drive Has No Drive Letter
If the hard drive is not allocated with a drive letter, it won’t appear in This PC. And the solution here is to add a drive letter to it. You can go to Disk Management, select the partition that has no drive letter and choose “Change Drive Letter and Path…” to add a drive letter.
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The Hard Drive Is Hidden by Software
If the hard drive is hidden by some disk partition manager, it also won’t appear in This PC. But this time, it is different from the one that simply has no drive letter. How do you know the drive is hidden or not? Well, you can go to Disk Management and check whether the “Change Drive Letter and Path…” feature is still available. If not, probably it is a hidden partition.
You can download MiniTool Partition Wizard and use it to unhide that partition.
Select the hidden partition and choose “Unhide Partition” from the action panel.
show hidden partition-1
Then select a drive letter from the New Drive Letter box and click OK button. Finally, hit Apply.
show hidden partition-2
The Hidden Partition Is Recovery Partition
If the recovery partition is hidden by Windows OS, you will need the help of CMD to unhide recovery partition Windows 10. Please run CMD as administrator and then type these commands:
List disk
Select disk N (N is the number of the disk holding hidden partition)
List partition
Select partition N (now N is the number of the recovery partition)
Detail partition (remember the type value of the partition)
Set id = 07 override
Tip: if the hidden partition is OEM partition, it’s better for you no to do this operation, as many users report that this will lead to booting issues. In fact, if you have backup strategy, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard to delete the recovery partition. Then you can make use of the released unallocated space to extend other partitions or create new partitions.
For more information about how to show hidden partition, read Safe and Easy Ways to Show Hidden Hard Disk Partitions.


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