Should System Partition Be Active

Should System Partition Be Active

If you observe your system disk in Disk Management, you will see some partitions have special labels like “system”, “active”, “boot”. And, if you have the chance to view more system disks, you are likely to find that the partition that is labeled as “system” is also labeled as “active”. Should system partition be active?
Of course, system partition should be an active disk, because it is the partition installing operating system that can manage computer hardware and software resources, and provide common services for computer programs.
Usually, there is more than one partition on system disk. Sometimes you see a system reserved partition, system partition, and several data partitions followed. In general, the partition contains the boot loader responsible for booting the OS is called system partition. Although there can me many partition on the drive, only one primary partition can be set as active partition. For system disk, the active partition should be the system partition; but for a data drive, active partition is not essential.

Active Partition Can Go Wrong Artificially

In Windows Disk Management, you are unable to change the active partition. However, if you manage hard drives using professional disk partition manager, you can set wrong partition active. If the partition which saves Windows boot files is no longer active or you set a wrong partition as active, your computer will not boot normally, and you will receive an error like this: “Missing operating system“, or “Operating System not found”.
If you are one of the users who mistakenly set wrong partition active on system disk, how can you reset the system partition active? In fact, this job is not as difficult as you have thought, for the professional disk partition manager can help you get things right.
Then, it’s time for you to select a piece of reliable partition manager. Among the similar software, MiniTool Partition Wizard is really a good choice.

How to Set System Partition Active Again

Before we start, you need to make out whether you have another operating system that is accessible.
If YES, you just boot computer from it, download MiniTool Partition Wizard and install it to computer. Then it is time to set the system partition as active. Please make sure the hard drive is successfully connected to your PC and then select the system partition on that drive, choose Set Active function. And click Apply.
If no operating system is available for you, you need the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Version to help you. Use a second computer or ask a friend to help you buy MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro, and then create a bootable media. When you enter the main interface of this software, you are able to mark the system partition as active.
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See the simple guidance below:
Step 1: Connect the bootable media to your computer, and enter BIOS. Then, set the computer to boot from the bootable media and save this change.
Step 2: When you see this interface, press “Enter” to continue.
Step 3: Then you will enter this interface. Please click the Enter key to enter “Partition Wizard”.
Step 4: Here you will discover that the system is marked as “None”, and a wrong partition is marked as “Active”. Please select the system partition and choose “Set Active” from the action panel. At last, click “Apply” to set active partition.
Now it is time for you boot computer from this modified system disk again and check whether the boot issue has been fixed.


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