Should System Partition Active

Should System Partition Active

Yesterday my sister asked me why there is a partition marked as active under DISK MANAGEMENT. And why the rest partitions have no such a label. Does that the only one partition can be marked as active? Can another partition active? For a computer green hand I guess there are users who have the same confusion. I also searched for the answers when I first discovered active partition.
Before answering these questions, it is necessary to make an explanation about primary partition, system partition and boot partition. System disk is the disk that installs operating system, and the partition containing files for Windows is called boot partition. Boot partition should be primary partition and should be set active for a normal boot up. In the traditional operating systems like windows 7, the boot partition is the only one system partition; while in the later operating systems, the boot partition is the system reserved partition instead of system partition.
Therefore, the answer to “should system partition active” actually is positive. And only one partition can be marked as active, the boot partition. But the wrong partitions can also be active partition in DISK MANAGEMENT, leading to Windows fails to boot (see the following image). Then how to set system partition or system reserved partition active if you have changed the wrong partition active?
In fact, you just need the help of partition magic boot disc to boot computer safely and mark the correct partition active. MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD is a good choice. After downloading this iso image file and burning it to boot disc, you can set computer to boot from it.

How to Set System Partition Active

Step 1: Boot computer from Partition Wizard Boot Disc to get the following interface. Then enter into MiniTool Partition Wizard Boot Disk 9.
Step 2: Select the boot partition and click the function “Set Active” from action panel. Then the active label will be removed from the wrong partition, and the system partition is set as active.
Step 3: click “Apply” button to apply all changes to computer, and now we can see boot partition has been set active.
To summarize, system partition should be active or (to make a correction, the boot partition should be active partition), and users can set the system partition active even when operating system cannot boot successfully. You can download this partition manager boot disc to have a try.
Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD
Please note: this free iso file only works on Windows Personal computer.


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