Set partition as primary

As we all know, there are two kinds of partition on a MBR disk: primary partition and extended partition. Generally speaking, a basic MBR disk supports at most four primary partitions, or up to three primary partitions plus one extended partition which can be divided into several logical partitions. Well, why do users need to set partition as primary and how to convert logical partition to primary partition?
In the beginning, let’s talk about the reason why users need to set partition as primary. In some cases,users want to install another operating system for some purposes while they only have one primary partition. It means there will be two operating systems in one computer. At this moment, they need to convert a logical partition to primary partition. This is because the system files and boot files of each operating system must be saved in their respective primary partitions. Only in this way can these operating systems work normally. Here we recommend a magic partition management – MiniTool Partition Wizard to users to achieve the goal of setting partition as primary. A simple display will be demonstrated as follows.
Note: if there are several logical partitions in an extended partition, users can only set the first one or the last one as primary. (Since there will be two extended partitions if the partition in the middle is converted)
Right click on partition E: (the logical partition which needs changing), then activate “Set Partition as Primary” after clicking “Modify” of right-click menu.
Click “Apply” button to continue.
Click “Yes” to apply the pending changes.
In the end, click “OK” to complete the process of setting partition as primary.
Users can deal with many partition problems on their own by making use of this magic partition manager, including “Set Partition as Primary”. Users are welcomed to visit our website to gain more information about disk management. Click here to know more about other editions of MiniTool Partition Wizard.


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