Partition SD Card

Today SD card is widely used in all aspect of our life. For example, we use it on camera to save a lot of photos; we use it on cellphone to increase smartphone’s storage; we use it on SD card readers to make it a flash drive; we use it on video recorders to keep the best moment. Normally, SD cards can be divided into three types, Full SD, Mini SD, and Micro SD according to their sizes. But according to their types, they can be divided into SD, SDHC and SDXC. See the following picture:
Partition SD Card-1

How to Partition SD Card Easily

If your SD card needs partitioning, how can you do this job? Yes, you can turn to Windows Disk Management. But if you want to create a second partition on SD card for some reasons such as to increase internal storage of Android, what should you do then?
We all know that Disk Management doesn’t allow dividing a removable disk into two or more parts. Hence MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommended here. Its free edition is capable of creating multiple partitions on SD card, formatting partitions with other file systems on SD card, extending/shrinking partitions on SD card, and so on.
See how it works when it comes to partitioning Micro SD card:
After downloading and installing MiniTool Partition Wizard Free on computer, you can connect the SD card to your PC and make sure it is shown in MiniTool Partition Wizard. Then you just select the unallocated space on the SD card and choose Create Partition from the action panel. Next, specify the partition properties according to your own need in the popup window. Finally, click Apply to save all changes.
Partition SD Card-2
Easy, right? Just download this freeware and have a try.
Tip: sometimes, your SD card already has a full sized partition. In this case, you may wonder how you can create a second partition on SD without damaging data. If you have MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can totally relax because it offers good solutions for you.
The first one is to make use of the Split Partition feature. This feature will automatically calculating the disk space taken by your data and reasonably divide some free space into another partition. The second one is to use the Move/Resize Partition feature. You will have to shrink the existing partition first, and then create a new partition on the allocated free space. No matter which way you choose, MiniTool Partition Wizard won’t disappoint you.
Are you looking for a reliable SD partition tool? Why not have a try on Free MiniTool Partition Wizard! Download here.


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