Resizing dynamic volume

About Dynamic Volume

A dynamic volume is a volume that is created on a dynamic disk. There are several types of dynamic volume, such as simple, spanned and stripped volumes. Compared with partitions in basic disks, dynamic volumes offer greater flexibility for volume management.

Why Do Users Need to Resize Dynamic Volume

Resizing dynamic volume can bring a great benefit to computer performance and volume space management. For example, if users want to add more free space to a volume to solve low volume space problem, they need to alter the volume size. So, in order to make good use of the volume space, users may need to change dynamic volume size to meet their needs of enlarging or shrinking a volume.

The Way to Resize Dynamic Volume with MiniTool Partition Wizard

Users may raise another question that is how to achieve the goal of resizing dynamic volume without causing data loss. Don’t worry about it, because MiniTool Partition Wizard provides users with a “Move/Resize Volume” function to deal with the volume resizing. With this function, users can change dynamic volume size freely and securely.
Note: “Move/Resize Volume” function is not supported by free edition of MiniTool Partition software. Please choose advanced editions for this requirement.
The following is a display of resizing dynamic volume.
Choose H: as the volume to be resized. Activate “Move/Resize Volume” from the left panel.
Then, users can see a green partition handle in the middle of the interface. The length of the handle stands for the volume size while the blank stands for unallocated space. Just shorten the handle to shrink the volume or lengthen the handle to extend the volume by gaining unallocated space (if there exists unallocated space in the dynamic disk). After that, click “OK” to return to the main interface.
In the end, click “Apply” to carry out the operation of resizing dynamic volume H:.
That’s the procedures of how to change dynamic volume size with MiniTool Partition Wizard, a specialized partition manager. Users don’t need to concern about the problems of volume allocation any more since they can work it out easily by using our partition manager. Besides “Move/Resize Volume”, more advanced and practical functions can be available as long as users purchase one.


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