Resize partition for Server 2003

As is known to all, partition management is of great significance while users are encountering Server 2003 low disk space situations which happen every now and then. At this time, users are supposed to resize partition so as to meet demands for data storage and guarantee high server running efficiency. In general, users can resize partition for Server 2003 via two commonly used ways, namely using server built-in disk management tool and command prompt tool. In terms of server built-in disk management tool, it has severe functional flaws and owns limited partition management functions which can not meet users’ demands for partition management at all. As for command prompt tool, it is complicated to handle. What’s more, this tool may pose risks to data residing in managed partition. As a result, it is also not advisable. In such cases, numerous users are endeavoring to find a tool for better partition management in Server 2003. Thanks to the emergence of partition magic, users’ hope finally comes true. Given that users are not familiar with partition management and the quality of partition magic on current software market varies, we highly suggest downloading professional partition magic via

Resize partition for Server 2003 with professional partition magic
Professional partition magic is a powerful partition management tool which owns all-sided partition management functions. Additionally, this partition magic can ensure data security during the course of managing partition. Before resizing partition, users are supposed to download the recommended partition magic via professional downloading website and then install it on computer. After that, run the software to enter its main interface:

Resize partition for Server 2003
Interface in above picture is the main interface of professional partition magic. If users want to resize partition for Server 2003 with professional partition magic, they should choose the partition needing to be resized and then click “Move/Resize Partition” in “Operations” to open the following interface:

Resize partition for Server 20031
In this interface, users can drag the two black triangles on both ends of the partition handle or input accurate values into the corresponding textbox thereby resizing partition for Server 2003. After that, click “OK” to go back to main interface of professional partition magic for Server 2003. At this time, users will find that the selected partition has been resized. As a matter of fact, it is just a preview effect. If users feel satisfied, they can click “Apply” to execute all changes. But if the effect is not as expected, users can redo all operations.

The demonstration above just shows how to resize partition with professional partition magic briefly. Users can easily find that it is quite easy to handle the software. If users are encountering partition management issues, hurry to download professional partition magic to manage partition well.


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