Resize Dynamic Volume

About Dynamic Volume

While most Windows users are accustomed to using basic disks and partitions, there are a numbers of users prefer dynamic disks and volumes. A dynamic volume is a volume that is created on a dynamic disk. There are several types of dynamic volume, such as simple volume, spanned volume, striped volumes, mirrored volume and RAID-5 volume. Compared with partitions in basic disks, dynamic volumes offer better flexibility for volume management, and some of them even offer fault tolerance.

Why Do Users Need to Resize Dynamic Volume

Resizing dynamic volume can bring a great benefit to computer performance and volume space management. For example, if users want to add more free space to a volume to solve low volume space problem, they need to alter the volume size. So, in order to make good use of the volume space, users may need to change dynamic volume size to meet their needs of enlarging or shrinking a volume.
Knowing the reasons for dynamic volume resizing, users may raise another question that is how to achieve the goal of resizing dynamic volume without causing data loss. Next, we will show users two ways to resize dynamic volume.

The Way to Resize Dynamic Volume Safely

Normally, when faced with disk management issues, users can always turn to Disk Manager to take their chances. And luckily, it is able to extend and shrink simple/spanned/mirrored volume. See the picture below:
Resize Dynamic Volume-1
Please follow the wizard to demine how much free space to be included or how much disk space to be released. It’s easy.
Tip: Extend Volume only works when there is some unallocated space on the same drive or on the other drives.

The second choice is to use MiniTool Partition Wizard “Move/Resize Volume” feature. With this function, users can change dynamic volume size freely and securely. Please note that “Move/Resize Volume” function is not supported by the free edition of MiniTool Partition software because more features such as “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk without formatting” are provided for users. Please choose advanced editions for this requirement.

Get MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro

The following is a display of resizing dynamic volume.
Choose the target dynamic volume to be resized, then the feature “Move/Resize Volume” is activated from the left panel.
Resize Dynamic Volume-2
Select that feature and then a new smaller window appears. In this window, users can drag the slider bar to shrink or extend volume (provided that there is some unallocated space available). Then click OK to confirm the volume size and press Apply button on the menu bar.
Resize Dynamic Volume-3
That’s the procedures of how to resize dynamic volume size with Disk Manager as well as MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro. Users don’t need to concern about the problems of volume allocation anymore since they can work it out easily by using our dynamic partition manager. Besides “Move/Resize Volume”, more advanced and practical functions can be available as long as users purchase one.


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