Repartition Dynamic Disk

Nowadays, dynamic disk is commonly used by a lot of Windows users, since it allows users to create five types of dynamic volume: simple volume, stripped volume, mirrored volume, spanned volume, and RAID 5 volume. These dynamic volumes offers excellent performance in making the best use of hard drive space or tolerating hard drive fault.
Although dynamic disks are becoming popular for average users, it is undeniable that many users have the experience that they want to repartition dynamic disk for some reason. In this case, how to extend or shrink dynamic safely and easily? Next, I will show you the best solution.

How to Repartition Dynamic Disk without Losing Any Data?

I think you will agree with if I say “Windows Disk Management is very useful in disk partition management”, I think you will agree with me. However, those who are familiar with Windows Disk Management also know that repartition dynamic disk in Disk Management is a little tough, for Disk Management makes most task a little complicated. For example: to change volume cluster size, all files in it will be deleted. Well then, how to repartition a dynamic disk without losing data? Here, we suggest using third party partitioning program.
Among the many partitioning tools, I think using MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional is a wise choice. This dynamic disk manager is easy and safe to help deal with such kind of things in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. It is able to complete many partitioning operations on dynamic disk without losing data, such as convert dynamic disk to basic, extend dynamic volume, shrink dynamic volume, copy volume, change volume cluster size, etc. Next, let’s see how this dynamic disk manager helps to repartition dynamic disk without data loss.
Note: MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition is a paidware. You can download its Demo Edition to have a try on its usage before you purchase this program.
Repartition Dynamic Disk without Losing Data
Firstly, launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional to get its main interface, where all disks are shown in the disk map, and all available management functions are shown on the left action panel.
Then select a dynamic volume, and all volume management functions will appear on the left side. You see you can delete volume, move/resize volume, copy volume and create volume on the unallocated space to repartition dynamic disk when the disk layout seems unreasonable…
By selecting a dynamic disk, you can Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic to repartition dynamic disk. Please choose the one that is most suitable for you case to go on. Please note that you need to click “Apply” button at last.
For a more intuitive guide, you can watch this video.
In addition to resize dynamic disk, this dynamic disk manager also support basic disk management, such as migrate OS to SSD/HD, make partition recovery, and so on. Thus, it is really very helpful in computer hard drive daily management.


In this post, I tell you how to repartition dynamic disk with professional dynamic disk manager. If you are looking for a way to repartition dynamic disk easily and safely, you can buy this software to have a try.


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