Rename a Drive Windows 10

What’s the advantage of naming a hard drive in Windows 10? Well, to name a hard drive is very useful is very useful to help you identify each partition in a second. Example: you have partition C, D, E, F, G on disk 1, and partition H, I, J, K on disk 2. Although you have classified your data and store them in each partition, since there are so many partitions, you are likely to have difficult in searching for a specific data.
However, what if you name them like this:
Obviously, you have made all partitions very easy to be understood. By naming hard drive Window 10, you can easily judge which partition you should head for to access a specific file. Then next, I will show you four ways to rename a hard drive in Windows 10 quickly and effectively.

4 Ways to Name/Rename a Hard Drive in Windows 10

Way 1: Change Volume Label Diskpart
Rename a drive Windows 10 is very easy by using diskpart, all you need to do is:
Run CMD -> type “label [drive letter:] xx“.
In my example, I want to name partition D “programs”, then I just put “label D: programs”. OK all is done.
Way 2: Change Volume Label Disk Management
Step 1. Run “diskmgmt.msc” to load Windows Disk Management. Then right click a partition you want to change drive label, and choose “Properties” from the menu.
Step 2. Now enter the label in the box and click “OK“.
Way 3: Use Partition Wizard
Step 1. Download, install and run MiniTool Partition Wizard. Now you can see its main interface where all disks and partitions are listed in disk map.
Step 2. Click the partition to be labeled and select “Set Label” from action panel.
Step 3. Enter the name you prepared and click “OK“.
Step 4. Finally apply this change.
Tip: this freeware works for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 all editions. You can check other useful features it can offer.
Way 4: Use Rename
Step 1. Open This PC or Windows Explorer, then you will see all your partitions there. Now right click a partition and choose “Rename” from the many options.
Step 2. See you are able to enter a new name for the drive. You may need to provide administrator permission. Just confirm the change.


In this post, I tell you 4 ways to rename a drive Windows 10, including change volume label diskpart, change volume label Disk Management, change volume label Partition Wizard, and change volume by rename. You have got them right? Now try them out to change drive label Window 10.


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