Recover Lost Partition Windows 10

Short story, I confused the laptop drive with another disc I am working on and went into admin tools, storage, and deleted the three partitions on the laptop drive.
Since I have tried to recover the partitions with Acronis Disc Manager but the volumes it identifies do not fit. There are three partitions. The primary, the HP recovery and the HP Tools. Total disc is 465GB. The primary partition is 452.
The results I get have seven or eight partitions sizing various sizes between 190 – 350 GB. They all seem to intersect.
I them tried the free EaseUS app which lists multiple versions of every file ever deleted.
Is there any easy way to do this? I still would need to fix the original problem regardless.
Thank you for any input.

–from tenforums

Sometimes you will encounter partition loss in Windows 10 due to various reasons. For example, you delete a partition by mistake, you carry out diskpart clean on wrong disk, or partition disappears in Windows 10 anniversary update, etc. The above question is a typical example of the first reason listed here. No matter what caused partition loss, to recover lost partition Windows 10 should be the first choice before you can move forward.
Note: partition recovery is possible only when the partition information is not damaged. For example, if a hard drive is wiped, it’s tough to do partition recovery Windows 10.
For users who is not professional in disk partition management, we suggest using third-party partition tool to recover lost partition Windows 10. Here MiniTool Partition Wizard is a good choice, because it is easy to use and does not require any skills. Besides, its Free Edition is compatible with mainstream Windows personal computer OS, including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 all editions.
Next, let’s see how to do lost partitions recovery with free MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Recover Deleted Partitions Windows 10 Free

Before you start, download MiniTool Partition Wizard from the official site, then install and launch it to the main interface.
Step 1. Choose “Partition Recovery Wizard” from the action pane.
Note: in my case, there was a partition F on disk 2, I just deleted it to do this test.
Step 2. Skip the welcome page of the wizard.
Step 3. In the next page choose the disk that suffers from partition loss. So disk 2 should be ticked.
Step 4. Here choose a scanning range. I just choose “Full Disk“.
Step 6. Now choose a scanning method. We can choose “Quick Scan” to have a try at first. If it does not work, then we can turn to “Full Scan“.
Step 7. See! All partitions are listed there, including the one that I just deleted. Now we should tick all partitions we need to recover, for the one not chosen will be deleted.
Step 8. Finally, click “Apply” to start the process.
Note: after lost partitions recovery, the partitions we get back lack of drive letters. So we need to use “Change Letter” feature to allocated drive letter so as to make them appear in Windows Explorer.
Now, let’s check the data in the recovered partition. You can open the partition to have a check or you can use the “Explore” feature to check the data structure.
Reading here, I believe you know how to recover lost partition Windows 10 by using MiniTool Partition Wizard. If you think this too is useful, you can share it to more people. We expect your success.


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