Recover Data from Damaged Partition

Generally speaking, partitioning is to divide a disk into several isolated sectors, which are also called partitions. They store data and files respectively to make the computer work well. However, if one partition is damaged by virus attack or some other reasons, the data in the partition will get lost, and even the computer may work abnormally. At this moment, users maybe get into a panic of worrying about losing the data permanently, because this would bring trouble to them.
Fortunately, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help users recover data from damaged partition easily and safely. “Damaged Partition Recovery” is actually a method for data and files recovery in the damaged partition. Therefore, this data recovery software is strongly recommended to users to carry out the operation of data and files recovery.
To give users a clear understanding of how MiniTool Power Data Recovery can recover data from damaged partition, here we present users with a demonstration of recovering data of partition L, the damaged partition.
Select partition L as target partition. Click “Open” to scan the files in it. The scanning results will be listed as following picture.
Go through the listed files and choose the needed to recover. And then click “Save Files” to save them in one of other partitions. The interface for saving location will pop up as follows.
Click “Browse” to determine the saving location. And then click “OK” to start recovery. Recovery process completes when the prompt of successful saving pops up.
However, if the needed files are not in the list of picture two, users can click “Back” to go back to the first picture and choose “Full Scan” to scan every sector of the target partition. This will need more time certainly.
Note: the limitation of free edition data recovery is 1GB. That is to say the exceeding data will not be saved and recovered. So, if the selected data are over 1GB, users are suggested to purchase an advanced edition.
With the detailed introduction of how to recover data from damaged partition above, we believe users have a clear comprehension of the process. Click here to download this data recovery software.


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