Partition manager freeware

Have you ever faced any problems when managing your hard drive? Is the Windows Disk Management sufficient to manage partition? If the default Windows disk management platform is not enough for you to partition your hard drive, you can try partition manager freeware.
MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is a free management tool. This partition manager freeware is one of the most popular software that helps users manage their partition without data loss. The tool can not only help users manage partition, but also retrieve partitions that are accidentally deleted.

Main Functions of the Partition Manager Freeware

Even though MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is a free management tool, it has most basic functions, which are sufficient for home users to manage partition. After users open the software, they can see most of its functions are displayed in the following interface.
1. The partition manager freeware can create partition, format partition, delete partition, split partition, shrink partition, explore partition and extend partition.
2. With this free management tool, users can copy partition to backup, but the destination device must be an unallocated space.
3. If necessary, users can convert NTFS to FAT and vise versa.
4. If there is any lost or deleted partition, users can recover it, selecting “Wizard” -> “Partition Recovery Wizard” in the top menu bar.
5. Users can wipe partition with this partition manager freeware. Once a partition is wiped, the data in the partition cannot be recovered.
6. If users want, they can change drive letter and partition label.
7. There are some functions which can help users know something about the detailed information of the partitions. For example, “Show Partition Properties” can tell users the total space, used space and unused space of the partition.
MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is a kind of powerful partition manager freeware, which is suitable for home users.


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