Partition magic wipe volume in Windows server 2003

Data file security in Windows Server 2003 will reminds most users of the safety of current data rather than that of the deleted data. Most of the users may not know that the deleted or formatted data haven’t disappeared from the hard disk in Windows Server 2003. Deletion or formatting only breaks the connection between files and file index, so operating system fails to read and display the deleted or formatted data. The data removed in this way can be recovered by using professional data recovery software, so they are at great risks. Then how to prevent the deleted data from being recovered in Windows Server 2003? The partition magic which is able to wipe volume in Windows Server 2003 is the only choice. Wiping volume is the most convenient and safest way to clear up data thoroughly. The principle is to constantly and irregularly write useless data to the disk area where stores important data until all the important data are overwritten, thereby eliminating data thoroughly. Then we’ll show how to use partition magic to wipe volume in Windows Server 2003.

Wiping volume in Windows Server 2003
Before wiping volume in Windows Server 2003, please visit to download the server partition magic. Then install and launch it.

After launching the server partition magic, we can see current disk condition in computer and distribution condition of dynamic volumes. Many functions are shown in “Operations” action panel. Select the volume that will be wiped and click “Wipe” button and the interface of wiping volume will be shown.

Select wiping method in this interface. Five methods are provided to wipe volume and they have different effects and take different time. After selecting the suitable one, click “OK” to go back to the main interface.

After gonging back to the main interface, we can see the wiping effect. Now the file system of the selected partition has been damaged but the operation hasn’t been realized. We also need to click “Apply” to perform the above operations, wiping volume in a real sense. After wiped, the partition is shown as “Unformatted“. We need to format it before using it.

Those above are operation demonstration on wiping volume in Windows Server 2003. It is reminded that once the partition is wiped, all partition data will be lost and can not be recovered completely even by professional data recovery companies. So when using this function, users are supposed to be vey cautious, in order to avoid lots of data loss caused by accidental operations. Surely, besides wiping volume, this partition magic also has many other functions. If you want to know more about them, please visit other pages of this web.


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