Partition magic wipe partition

As data and information becomes more and more significant, so users value data security more and more. While we are protecting the existing data security, we may probably ignore the deleted data security. Actually, the deleted data can still be in danger if we don’t employ proper solution to protect deleted data security. It is because that the deleted data or formatted data can be easily recovered. In fact, simple deletion operation can never clear the data thoroughly. How can we protect deleted data security? At this time, what we need should be a piece of powerful partition magic which is able to wipe partition. Wipe partition function of partition magic can help users to wipe sensitive information permanently by writing new data and realizing data overwriting. Then original data will be destroyed. Even professional data recovery company or precise data recovery device can not realize data recovery anymore. Therefore, this is the best solution to protecting deleted data security. Next, let me show you a demonstration of using partition magic to wipe partition.

Wipe partition
To wipe partition with partition magic, we should first visit to download this partition magic and install it to the computer. Then launch it:

In main interface, we can check disk and partition condition. Right click target partition, and select “Wipe Partition” option in shortcut menu:

In the above interface, we can select the wiping method. There are five wiping methods and different one will cost different time and result in different degree. Here let’s take the faster one “Full Sectors with Zero” for example:

In main interface, we can see the change. Original NTFS partition K: has been wiped and its file system as well as drive letter have both been wiped. Click “Apply” button to execute. After executing, we will finish all wiping partition work at last. To use the wiped partition again, we should set file system and drive letter for it. In addition, even though this wipe partition operation can help users to protect deleted data security, we should be very careful while using it to avoid misoperation or data loss.

This is the demonstration of using partition magic to wipe partition and protect deleted data security. For more information about this partition magic, you can visit the given website for consulting.


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