Partition magic software

Before partition magic software is given birth to, partition management has always been a headache for computer users and many problems related to it make users helpless. But the emergence of partition magic software resolves the problems easily. The partition magic is able to realize magical management to disk and partitions. No matter you are server users or common Windows users. And the partition magic has easy operability. Users can finish partition management operations by following software prompt information and no professional partition management knowledge is required. This kind of description may make users feel dubious, so we’ll introduce this partition magic software through its screenshot in detail.

Powerful partition management abilities of the partition magic software
The most prominent feature of this partition magic software is that it has powerful partition management abilities, including dozens of functions, as follows.

Besides basic operations like creating partition, deleting partition, formatting partition, this partition magic software is also able to change cluster size, set active partition, hide/unhide partition, convert primary and logical partition, etc, really realizing comprehensive partition management. Those operations may also be finished by other partition magic programs, but the significance of this partition magic software is more than those. It can also manage dynamic disk and dynamic volumes, realizing shrinking volume, extending volume, changing volume cluster size, wiping volume, testing volume and so on. Moreover, the partition magic software is also able to rebuild MBR, covert MBR/GPT, covert dynamic disk to basic, etc. Seen from this, this partition magic software is very powerful.

The partition magic software easy to use
Ease of use is another reason why this partition magic software is admired by many users. Unlike other partition management software, this partition magic software does not require users of any professional disk partition knowledge. Its user-friendly graphic interface allows users to know the whole process of partition management operations. And users just need to click mouse as per software instructions and partition management will be realized easily.

As the above picture shows, if users want to hide a partition, select it and then click “Hide Partition” in the left “Operations” action panel. Then click “Apply” button and hiding a partition will be finished, where the easy operability finds expression.

Of course, its ease of use is also shown in other functions apart from hiding partition. If you also want to experience other powerful functions, please visit other pages of this web. Or you can also download this partition magic software from


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