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During the course of Windows computer use, it is believed that most users must have come across low disk space issues. For instance, the download window notifies that the selected partition runs out of space when users want to download a favorite film. In such cases, users may feel distressed. If users delete unneeded partition at random, some vital data residing in the partition will be lost, leading to invaluable aftermath. Actually, the issue can be solved via the way to extend partition. Some users firstly think of using system built-in disk management tool to extend partition. However, this tool provides limited partition management functions, which can meet only basic demands for partition management like format partition. If users want to carry out some advanced partition management operations, they have to seek other ways. Besides the limitation of partition management functions, system built-in disk management tool is also defective. If users are not careful enough, data loss situations may happen. In order to realize partition extension without affecting data in the selected partition, users feel quite helpless. With the development of software technology, partition magic program has appeared. However, it is hard to find an excellent partition magic program since the performance of certain partition magic program is hard to identify. Once users use a defective partition magic program to finish partition extension, they will suffer undesired effects. In order to avoid such issues, users are highly suggested to download a highly secure and effective partition magic program via so as to extend partition.

How to extend partition with partition magic program
Professional partition magic program is a piece of multifunctional software, which provides comprehensive partition management functions and can ensure data security in the managed partition. Well then, we will introduce the exact way to realize partition extension below:

Before partition extension, users need to download the software and then install it on computer. After installation, run the software to enter its main interface.

Partition magic program
The screenshot above is the main interface of professional partition magic program. Users just need to choose needed function among the provided partition management functions. If users want to extend partition F, they just need to select F: partition and click “Extend Partition“. After that, the following interface emerges:

Partition magic program1
In this interface, users can drag the sliding handle to take needed free space and then click “OK” to go back to the main interface of professional partition magic program.

Partition magic program2
At this time, users can see that the selected partition has been extended, but it is only the preview effect. As a result, users need to click “Apply” to confirm changes. When professional partition magic program executes all operations, the process to extend partition is done.

With extremely simple operations, professional partition magic program is easy to handle. If users are encountering partition management issues, download the software. It will never disappoint users.


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