Partition Magic for XP

So most of you know that Windows has stopped service for Windows XP, which had been the most classical operating system in the past years. However, still a lot of users stick using this operating system, making their PC data risky. As less and less software development companies keep maintaining their products in Windows XP, it is important to find a reliable partition magic for Windows XP to safeguard these users’ computers.

The Most Reliable Windows XP partition manager

Like what we have said in the beginning, keeping data safe in Windows XP is of great significance. So we need a reliable partition manager to help us. As MiniTool Partition Wizard Free enjoys great reputation, it is recommended here. This software offers a number of useful feature and works perfectly in Windows XP/Vista (although Windows had ended their support) and Windows 7/8/10, both 32 bit and 64 bit.
Let’s have a brief review of this free partition manager.
Copy Disk
You know, the best way to prevent data loss from happening is to make hard drive backup. And MiniTool Partition Wizard offers such an option. Its Copy Disk feature is able to clone an entire hard drive, including the system disk, to another hard drive or an SSD. By following the Copy Disk Wizard, even a computer newbie will feel it easy to use.
Step-by-step guide can be summarized as follow: choose source disk > choose target disk > choose copy option > apply changes. To get more detailed information, read I Tried Partition Wizard, and I Quickly Cloned Hard Drive to SSD.
Move/Resize Partition
It is a common issue that you may want to change a partition size. Windows Disk Management can only shrink volume by reducing some disk space from the end of a partition, but MiniTool Partition Wizard works differently. No matter you want to reduce the partition size from the right side or left side, it can handle data well. Besides, Partition Wizard even allows moving the location of a partition on condition that there is unallocatedspace adjacent to the partition that needs moving location.
In most cases, there is no unallcoated space on the hard dirve for you to extend a partition, and you may shrink a partition to make some unallcoated space at first and then extend the target partition. By using this partition magic for XP, you will find it is too easy to accomplish this job. Its Extend Partition feature enables you to choose another partition or unallcated space on the same drive to take some free space directly.
In addition to what we mentioned here, there are more functions you may use some day like convert file system, format USB to NTFS, migrate OS to SSD, and more. If you are interested, you may just download this Windows XP partition manager to have a try.


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