Partition magic for windows 7

Computer novices may feel at loss when hearing hard disk partitioning. Many computer users always get used to letting computer retailers install system and partition hard disk to partitions for them. And they often do not know how to manage partition reasonably.
As for how to divide partition in Windows 7, different people have different opinions. Following the partitioning habit in Windows XP, a lot of computer users will partition hard disk into three or five partitions according to purposes, like partition for system, partition for downloads, partition for game, partition for software, and partition for movie. However, Windows 7 introduces a new concept called “Library” and its file management method is very different from that of Windows XP. In addition to organizing files in different folders and subfolders, the biggest improvement of Windows 7 is that it can use library to organize and visit files no matter where they are so that it can manage partition better. Adopting the management method of index file, library is a new file management mode in Windows 7, and it can monitor the folders of its items and allows users to access and organize these items in different ways so as to manage partition in a better way. The files in library will update automatically with original files changing and updated files exist in library with the same name.
Therefore, according to the new feature “Library” of Windows 7, users do not need to put different types of files into different partitions. Although this feature greatly reduces the steps of disk partitioning, there are many other thorny issues on disk partition management. For example, if there are too many partitions on hard disk, it is troublesome to move files. If users use the third party software to manage partition instead of moving files, data loss and even partition loss problem may happen when users manage partition. Being too many hard disk partitions on hard disk will also cause the waste of hard disk space, and this is also the main problem of partition management. How much space should be allocated to partition C? This is a question that still under discussion since Windows 98 era, and there are various strange answers for this question. For users with large capacity hard disk, partition C can now remain above 40 GB and adopts NTFS file system. However, this is only a reference, and users can partition hard disk according to their own ideas for better partition management.
Considering above Windows 7 partition management problems, we recommend a piece of partition management softwarepartition magic for Windows 7.Partition magic for windows 7 Partition magic for Windows 7 allows users to format hard disk partition, copy hard disk partition, move hard disk partition, convert file system, resize hard disk partition, hide hard disk partition, etc. The biggest advantage of partition magic for Windows 7 is that it can be perfectly operated in Windows 7, and it has high operational safety and powerful functions. Partition magic for Windows 7 is currently believed to be the best tool for partition management. Users can visit to get more information about partition magic for Windows 7. The detailed tutorials we offered on this website can provide users with more authoritative technical support and solutions for partition management.


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