Partition magic create Volume

Users who are familiar with dynamic disk may know that if dynamic disk is used in computer, we can create different volumes to store data information. Dynamic volume is able to promote data information security and realize greater data storage amount. But it is difficult to create satisfying partition mode with system’s built-in disk management tool because we can not preview the effect and can only create volume one by one, which brings us much inconvenience. But using partition magic to create volume is much easier, for we can preview the effect, resize volume at any time and create several volumes at the same time, which allows us to get satisfying partition mode. Through this kind of description, users may not get aware of the convenience of using partition magic to create dynamic volume, so we’ll demonstrate it via detailed operations.

Creating different volumes
To create volume with partition magic, we need to visit to download the partition magic and then install it. Then launch the partition magic.

We can see current disk and partition states in the computer. Click “Create” button on toolbar to create volume.

We can create 5 different types of volumes. Here, we’ll select “Mirrored“. Then click “Next>” to go on.

Select the disks that will be used to create Mirrored Volume and click “Add” to add them (“Remove” is used to remove the already selected disk). Then click “Next>” to enter next step.

We can set related volume information, including Volume Label, Drive Letter, File System, and Cluster Size. Below “Size And Location” column, we can drag the two triangles to resize volume. Then click “Finish” to go back to the main interface.

Going back to the main interface, we can preview the effect. However, the Mirrored Volume has not been generated yet. If more volumes are needed, please perform operations as the above procedures.

After all volumes are created, please click “Apply” and creating several volumes will be finished synchronically.

Via the above operation demonstration, most of the users may have known how to create volume with partition magic. Compared with the built-in disk management tool, this partition magic has prominent advantages. Besides creating volume, it also has many other management functions to dynamic volume. If you are interested, please download this partition magic and test it out.


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