Partition magic change partition cluster size

When we are storing data files into a hard drive, the data files are actually written into sectors in the form of information flow. Since a sector is too small, which is not conductive to data file management, we combine sectors to a larger unit for flexible management to data files and this larger storage unit is called “cluster“. “Cluster” is the smallest storage unit for data file storage and a cluster can only be used to store one data or part information of a data. User can not store two different data into the same cluster.

Those above are introduction to “cluster“. We can find that hard disk storing data information is closely linked to cluster size. Since a cluster can only store a data, if the cluster is oversize, cluster space will be wasted; and if too small, a data will takes several clusters, which is not convenient for our management. Therefore, reasonable cluster size will greatly improve disk use ratio. How to change cluster size? We need the help of partition magic because it can change partition cluster size without damaging partition data, promoting disk use ratio. Then we’ll show the operations in detail.

Change cluster size with partition magic
First, please visit to download and then install the free partition magic. After that, launch it.

After launching the free partition magic, we can see current conditions of disks and partitions in the computer. For further comparison, we will first of all view cluster size information. Select the partition that will be changed and click “Show Partition Properties” to check it.

We can see the cluster of Partition I: is composed of 128 sectors. Close this window and click “Change Cluster Size” option.

In the window popping up, select the desired cluster size and click “Yes” to go back to the main interface.

We can see in the main interface that there appears a pending operation in “Operations Pending” area. Please click “Apply” to perform the operation. Then check partition properties again.

We can see in the properties window that cluster size has changed from 128 to 8. And changing cluster size also influences $MFT information and partition properties.

Through so simple operations, we have changed partition cluster size. If you also want your disk to show higher performance and desire to improve the use ratio of a partition, just use this free partition magic to change cluster size. For more information about other functions, please visit other pages of this web.


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