Partition Magic Bootable CD

Brief Introduction to Bootable CD

What is bootable CD? Generally speaking, a bootable CD refers to a removable data storage medium which enables to boot an operating system or utility program. In some cases, your computer fails to boot, and you need to check what is going wrong under boot mode. And in other cases, you need to carry out some operations under boot mode for your data safety, thus, a bootable CD is very necessary.
How to boot from the bootable CD? When your computer is powered on, you can quickly press a specific button (F2/F10 or whatever) and enter into BIOS. Then you can set the boot sequence of your computer. Set computer to boot from CD-ROM in the first place.

Free and Powerful Partition Magic for Bootable CD

About Partition Wizard Bootable CD
What is the reliable partition magic for bootable CD? If you are familiar with the disk management filed, you may have heard of MiniTool Partition Wizard – which offers free yet powerful partition magic for all Windows home users. As to bootable partition manager, Partition Wizard Bootable CD (an iso image file) should be the best choice for Windows average users, for it can optimize the performance of computer drives with easy and advanced features for basic disk.
How to Burn Pwfree91.iso to CD/DVD
If you want to burn the iso file to CD/DVD disc, you can download a burning program and then carry out the operation. Here we just take UltraISO for example.
Download Partition Wizard Bootable CD
Step 1: Insert CD or DVD disc, then right-click on the iso file and choose “Open with UltraISO”. It is recommended to insert a blank CD/DVD disc, for the original data will be removed.
Step 2: In the popping-up window, select “Continue to Try…”
Step 3: Click “F7” and go on.
Step 4: Click “Burn” to start burning the iso file to your CD/DVD device.
Step 5: After burning, click “Close” button. At this time, we have finished creating partition magic bootable cd.
When you boot computer from this bootable CD, you will enter the main interface of Partition Wizard Free Edition. It offers you multiple features to help you check and change the disk/partition parameters. Why don’t you have a try?
Besides, you can also choose to burn it into a USB flash drive, click this page to see the details.


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