Partition magic alternative convert file system

To convert file system, there are various methods. The most common one should be formatting partition. Indeed, by this way, we can convert file system, but it has a disadvantage that all data will be lost after formatting. Maybe we can transfer data before formatting, but it is too troublesome. Another method is to use Command Prompt Tool to convert file system but it is too complex for common users. Therefore, these two methods are actually very unpractical for users. In fact, the best method should be using partition magic alternative to convert file system. This is the fastest and most secure solution. Partition magic alternative is able to convert file system without damaging data security. It’s easy-to-use so that even we have little professional knowledge, we can still easily convert file system. Next, let me show you a detailed demonstration.

Convert file system
To convert file system with partition magic alternative, we should firstly visit to download it and install. Launch it after installing:

In main interface, we can see various partition management functions of this partition magic alternative. We can also check disk and partition condition here. Right click target partition and select “Convert FAT to NTFS” option in shortcut menu:

In the above interface, click “Start” button to convert:

After converting, click “Close” button to return to main interface:

In main interface, we will find that the original partition L: has been converted to NTFS. Thus, we have successfully accomplished converting file system with partition magic alternative.

After watching this demonstration, you must feel it amazing, too. Such simple operations have helped us convert file system successfully and haven’t caused any effect on data security. Certainly, this partition magic alternative still has many other excellent functions besides this. You can visit the given website for more information about it.


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