Partition Disappears in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

In the past months, a number of users installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update, hoping to experience the latest Windows OS. However, after the installation, many of them found that their partitions are simply disappeared. How did they cope with this issue?
If you are one of these users, you just can’t miss this article.

2 Solutions to Partition disappears in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Solution 1: Reassign Drive Letter
Missing partitions after Windows 10 Anniversary Update is probably caused by losing drive letter. If this is the cause, you can open Windows Disk Management to check which partition lacks drive letter and then reassign a letter to it.
Step 1. Click the partition that lacks drive letter, and choose “Change Drive Letter and Path…
Step 2. In the Change Drive Letter window, choose “Add…” and then in Add Drive Letter or Path for xxx window, drop down the letter box to choose any one. Finally click “Apply“.
By reassigning drive letter to the lost partitions, you can view and use them in This PC. Very easy right? Why not check your partitions and have a try! For more information, please refer to the original post.
Solution 2: Recover Lost Partitions
Another situation is that partition really disappeared after installing the Anniversary Update. This is different from the former part. I mean, in CASE 1 your partitions are still there, only drive letters are lost; but in CASE 2, it is partition loss, and the hard drive presents some unallocated space that is thought to be partitions.
In this case, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard to help you get the lost partitions back. Download this freeware, install it on computer, and then launch it to the main face.
Step 1. Click on the hard drive that suffers missing partitions after Windows 10 Anniversary Update and choose “Partition Recovery“.
Step 2. Now select a scanning range. Usually we choose to scan Full Disk or Unallocated space. Then continue.
Step 3. Choose you want to quick scan the drive or full scan the drive. Then go on.
Step 4. When MiniTool Partition Wizard has finished the scanning, it will show you all the partitions it found. Here you can see there is a 38.1GB partition found, with Lost/Delete status, which should be the one that you are trying to recover. Also you can double click the partition to check the files/folders in it. Here comes to the key step, please tick all partitions you need before you click “Finish“.
Step 5. Finally click “Apply” to recover lost partition after Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Please note that all lost partitions you recovered do not have a drive letter, so you need to add drive letter for them in order to use them normally.
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In this post, I tell you 2 solutions to deal with partition disappears in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and they are reassign drive letter and recover lost partitions. In short, to deal with disk partition issues, you should make full use of Windows Disk Management and MiniTool Partition Wizard.


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