Partition Copy

Partition copy is to copy one partition to another partition. It’s necessary for computer users who think highly of some files in a particular partition. However, the Microsoft operating system fails to provide users with a reliable and efficient way to copy the entire partition to another location, unless users use the traditional Copy-Paste method. This file-to-file copy can work well as long as there is no problem with the file system on the original partition. Otherwise, the copy process will stop. So, there arises a question: what is the best method which enables users to copy partition safely and easily?
Actually, users can reach this target through the help of a third-party partition tool. To make users manage their partition better and maximize the computer performance, we provide a reliable approach to realize free partition copy without any data loss – MiniTool Partition Wizard.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Helps Copy Partition

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a famous disk partition manager released by MiniTool Solution Ltd. It is professional in dealing with all kinds of hard drive issues, like extend partition, convert FAT to NTFS, convert MBR to GPT and vice versa, copy hard drive, etc. With the help of this partition copy tool, users can implement copy process or other operations trustingly.
Here is a demonstration of how to conduct the partition copy operation. Users can acquire it quickly after reading. So first of all, download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free, as the free edition is capable of doing this job.
Then follow the steps below and try to do it by yourself.
Select the partition to be copied and choose “Copy Partition” from the left action panel. Users can also right-click the partition and choose “Copy” from the context menu.
Partition Copy-1
Select a location to save the copied partition. Since it is a partition to be copied, the target location should be an unallocated space instead of any partition. Please note that the selected hard drive should have the same sector size with the source drive. Then click “Next” to go on.
Partition Copy-2
Here users can drag the sliding handle to edit the partition size and location. After doing that click “Finish” to return to the main interface.
Partition Copy-3
Click “Apply” to execute the changes and complete the partition copy operation.
Partition Copy-4

For You Info: How about System Partition Copy?

Some users may wonder: can they copy the system partition to another hard drive using this feature? It is necessary to know that Copy Partition is a good choice to do data partition copy; but for system partition copy, we strongly recommend using the ‘Migrate OS to SSD/HD” feature. This function can automatically recognize the partitions necessary for the operating system and do the copy completely. Hence, after the migration, users get a bootable operating system that is totally the same as the original one. For more information, users can read How to Migrate OS to SSD/HD.
In a word, partition copy is a feasible method to make partition backup. And MiniTool Partition Wizard offers users this credible way to accomplish the operation. More functions about partition management can be found in MiniTool official website.


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