NTLDR Is Missing

While scanning Windows forums, I find that many users are talking about how to resolve “NTLDR is missing” issue. NTLDR is short for NT Loader, which is the boot loader of Windows NT OS, including Windows XP and Windows Server 20003. NTLDR contains three major files: NTLDR (main boot loader), NTDETECT.COM (required for booting NT-based OS), and boot.ini (boot configuration).
Then what caused NTLDR missing issue? Generally speaking, when Windows is trying to boot from a non-bootable media, such as removable hard drive and floppy drive. Some other possible causes include corrupt and misconfigured NTLDR files, corrupt hard drive sectors, outdated BIOS, and dead or loose IDE cables, etc.

How to Fix the NTLDR Is Missing Issue

Knowing what NTLDR is and what cause NTLDR missing, here I put forward several ways to help resolve NTLDR missing error.
Way 1. Restart Computer
We all know that some issues can be finished by restarting computer, which is the easiest way everyone can complete. And if lucky enough, NTLDR is missing may be fixed.
Way 2. Remove All Removable Devices
Since this issue is most likely to be caused by wrong boot media, it is necessary for you to disconnect all removable devices except those which are indispensable like keyboards or mouse. In this way you know whether this issue is caused by wrong boot media.
Way 3. Check Boot Order in BIOS
You need to enter BIOS to check whether the hard drive that is installed with operating system is set as the primary drive. If not, go ahead and use the arrow key to move the right drive to the first place.
Way 4. Reset Active Partition
If the boot drive is set correctly, but NTKDR is missing error keeps there, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard bootable Edition to help check whether the active partition is correct. First of all download the .iso file and burn it to a USB flash drive or CD/DVD, then set computer to boot from this bootable media you just created. Finally you can see the main interface of this bootable Partition Wizard.
Click the partition that should be set as active partition and choose “Set Active”. Then apply this change.
Way 5. Rebuild MBR
The last solution I can offer is to rebuild MBR, just in case NTLDR missing error is caused by corrupt master boot record. Still you need the help of Bootable Partition Wizard. After repeating the preparatory job mentioned in Way 4, you just hit the system disk and choose “Rebuild MBR”. Finally, don’t forget to hit “Apply” button.

Bottom Line

Now you might have a basic understanding of how to fix the NTLDR is missing issue. Just try the 5 methods listed above to solve MTLDR missing error. If you still receive this error after trying these solutions, you’re likely facing a hardware issue with your hard drive. In this case, you should consider replacing hard drive and then reinstall Windows.


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