NTFS to FAT conversion

NTFS has many advantages when compared with FAT, though there are still lots of computer users who want to convert NTFS to FAT due to some reasons. In terms of NTFS to FAT conversion, the majority of users will firstly think of resorting to command prompt tool. Actually, users are able to convert NTFS to FAT successfully by using command prompt tool. However, the operations of NTFS to FAT conversion are too complicated for common computer users to complete. As a result, most computer users give up the idea of using command prompt tool to convert NTFS to FAT. Unwilling to pay the high fee charged for NTFS to FAT conversion, users refuse to turn to professionals. Well, is there a safe and free solution to NTFS to FAT conversion? Fortunately, the answer is positive. Once users find suitable free partition magic, they can convert NTFS to FAT without affecting data and paying any money.
Free software refers to such software we can use or copy freely without paying any money. In addition, there is no date limitation and use restriction. As long as users search on the internet, they can find much free partition magic. However, it is not sensible for computer users to download a piece of free partition magic randomly from the internet. Why do we say so? There are mainly two reasons: not every free partition magic is provided with NTFS to FAT conversion function; if users unfortunately download a piece of defective free partition magic to convert NTFS to FAT, they will bring serious damage to computer, such as partition damage, partition loss and data loss.
Complete NTFS to FAT conversion safely and freely
If computer users would like to convert NTFS to FAT safely and freely, they have to find a piece of professional but free partition magic. Only in this way, can users realize their goal as they want. However, where to download professional but free partition magic? Luckily, we have finally found out a piece of free partition magic with wonderful performance from the result of a lot of surveys on the internet. Here is the downloading website: http://www.partitionmagic.biz. Users may as well download and install this free partition magic on computer, and then experience its wonderful performance in person.
Since users may don’t know how to complete NTFS to FAT conversion with the free partition magic we recommend, we will introduce the process briefly.
Entering free partition magic, users will see its main interface shown above. From the main interface, users can find that much information about all disks and partitions on computer is displayed in the mapping area. To convert NTFS to FAT, users should select the target partition at first. For example, if users would like to convert the file system of partition I: from NTFS to FAT, they need to select partition I: at this time. After that, users are expected to click “Partition” in the menu bar and choose “Convert NTFS to FAT” option from the drop-down list. At last, users only need to click “Apply” button in the upper left of the main interface to finish the whole NTFS to FAT conversion process by making use of free partition magic.


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