My Drive C Become Red Bar

My C Drive Becomes Red Bar

As you can see from the attached image, the partition that I save my Macrium images to has a red bar for the capacity space indicator. I am assuming this means it is close to full. Is this the correct assumption?
Also, can I extend this partition? I want to make it double space than the current. Can someone refresh my memory, how I can do it?
Thanks, you guys! I appreciate all of your input!

In this post, we show users with a true example that stating the issue “C drive is full”. We believe most Windows users have experienced such a problem during the daily usage of their computer. Generally speaking, the free storage space of partition C will become smaller and smaller, because users and applications related keep writing data in. Thus, the C drive is easy to turn to a red bar, which indicates users it is running out of storage space soon.

How to Solve Red Bar Issue

After knowing the red bar issue, we are going through the solutions for this subject. Users who know more about this issue knows that it can be described as low disk space issue, and the solution is to extend partition space – just as Antonio required.
We suggest users to use MiniTool Partition Wizard to do this task. And first of all, download this freeware. It is worth mentioning that this program has portable versions for users who do not want to install it on their computer.
Step-by-step guide for extending partition:
In my case, drive C is not in red state, here we just show users operations.
1. Launch this freeware and then users can see its main interface.
2. Choose partition C and users can see all available functions provided by Partition Wizard in the left pane. Here users are expected to choose “Move/Resize Partition” or “Extend Partition“.
Tips: If there is unallocated space behind the C drive, use “Move/Resize Partition“, if not, use “Extend Partition” to take free space from other partitions.

3. Follow the guidance Partition Wizard offers and finish the preparation job.
4. Click “Apply” to execute all changes. Note this operation requires a system reboot.
This is the end of how to extend partition when C drive becomes red. Next time you encounter this issue, try this freeware and you will find it is magic.


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