Merge partitions

Merge partitions function is to help users merge two adjacent partitions together for getting more space. But why do users need to merge partitions or in which situation should users do so? Actually, users choose to do it due to different reasons. For example, the system partition is low disk space while other partitions have much unused space. So it’s necessary to merge two partitions or more to make the available space of system partition bigger. And some users want to merge partitions together for better management just because the partitions contain similar files. No matter for what reasons, users can enlarge a partition easily by making use of professional partition software – MiniTool Partition Wizard.
One thing users should notice is that merge partitions function is only feasible for NTFS partition. So if the target partition is not formatted with NTFS, please use “Convert FAT to NTFS” function to convert partition to NTFS first.
Note: The free edition of MiniTool Partition Wizard doesn’t support “Merge Partition” function. Therefore, please select professional edition or other advanced editions for this function.

How to Merge Two Adjacent Partitions

Here offers a display of how to merge partitions as below.
Select a NTFS partition (L:) to be merged. Any one of the following four ways can finish the first step and get the next interface.
1. Click “Merge Partition” in the “Operation” list.
2. Click “Merge” button on the tool bar.
3. Click “Merge” under “Partition” list.
4. Right click L: and activate “Merge” from the right-click menu.
Then, click “Next” to continue.
Select a partition (F:) that will be included to the target one, and click “Finish” to go back to the main interface.
Activate “Apply” to execute the penging changes.
That’s all for the demonstration about merging partitions to enlarge a partition with the help of our partition software. We believe that users can pick it up and perform it all by themselves easily. Hurry up to buy one. And other functions related to partition management will be found if users click here.


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