Merge partition in Windows XP

When do you need to merge partition? Sometimes, one of the partitions like C drive gives low disk space warning and represents red bar, so users want to extend partition by adding unallocated space or merge two adjacent partitions because both of them can offer a little disk space. Besides, there may be two partitions which contain similar data, so users want to merge them. Through merging partitions, users can expand the target partition. If users want to merge partition in Windows, it will be very easy for them to finish such task with professional disk partition manager. In this short post, we show you how to how to merger partitions in Windows XP.

How to Merge Partition in Windows XP

Simply put, we recommend using reliable and user-friendly partition magic alternative. And it will be better if it is totally free. Luckily, we do have such a choice which is called MiniTool Partition Wizard Free. This program enjoys great reputation around the worlds and tens of millions people download it to get help. For example, they can merge two adjacent partitions in Windows XP smoothly without data loss. Works well on Windows XP/7/8/10.

Download Free Partition Manager

Tip: in MiniTool Partition Wizard, “Merge Partition” function is just available for NTFS partitions. If users want to merge FAT partitions, they need to convert FAT to NTFS firstly. The following tutorial will show you how to merge partition in Windows XP with this software.
1. After users run the software, they can see the loader. Click “Launch Application” tab to enter the main interface.
Merge Partitions in Windows XP-1
2. Click “Merge Partition” in the left action panel.
Tip: In addition to choosing “Merge Partition” in the left action panel, users can click “Partition” -> “Merge” in the top menu, which can execute this function as well. Also, by select any partition from the disk map, users can see a “Merge” feature from the pop-up window.
Merge Partitions in Windows XP-2
3. In this step, users need to select a target partition which they want to expand, and then click “Next” button.
Merge Partitions in Windows XP-3
4. Select an adjacent NTFS partition that users want to merge with the target partition and input a folder name to keep the content of the selected partition (users will be able to find it after the merging), and then click “Finish”.
Merge Partitions in Windows XP-4
5. Look what is going to happen to the partitions users have selected. Now you can click “Apply” to execute these changes if you have no question.
Merge Partitions in Windows XP-5
After a while, MiniTool Partition Wizard free will merge two drive in Windows XP.
What worth mentioning is that Windows XP merge partitions is unable in Windows Disk Management utility. No such a function is offered. Therefore, to merge partition in Windows XP/7/8/10, get free MiniTool Partition Wizard to help now.


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