Magic partition manager

When users buy a computer, disk partitioning and partition size setting are generally set by computer installers. This situation doesn’t draw much attention of consumers. However, when computer is used for a period of time, users will find that the capacity of partition can’t meet the needs of file storage any more. At this time, many users choose to solve this problem by transferring some files in this partition to other partitions. This method can only ease the situation for a while because users are still using this partition to save files, and the partition capacity will be insufficient in some day. In order to avoid this problem, users have to master the safest and most effective technology to manage partition. Now, users only need a magic partition manager to quickly manage partition to completely solve low partition capacity problem.
Magic partition manager is a piece of software which focuses on disk partition management. The magic partition manager can be operated in most operating systems (including the newest Windows 7 and Windows 8) and it won’t damage data in disk partition. Moreover, it has many other functions that users will gradually find out in the process of using magic partition manager, such as “Copy Partition”, “Split Partition”, “Delete Partition” and “Convert file system”. This article mainly tells users how to extend partition in Windows XP by using magic partition manager. The operation of “Extend Partition” function in other operating systems is similar. Mastering the operation of this function, users can successfully complete partition extension to finish partition management more reasonably.
Firstly, users should visit to download and install the magic partition manager. Then, run it to manage partition. Actually, users can handle magic partition manager without knowing any professional partition management knowledge.
Magic partition manager
Secondly, assuming that users need to extend partition D, they should get unallocated space in advance for partition management. In general, users can get unallocated space from the adjacent partition of partition D. The picture above is the main interface of magic partition manager, and users can see from the main interface that there is much unused space in partition E. Then, users can shrink partition E to release unallocated space which can be used to extend partition D.
Magic partition manager1
The following operations show how to get unallocated space to extend partition D:
Users should right click partition E in the main interface of magic partition manager and choose “Move/Resize Partition” button. Then, click “Move/Resize Partition” button to enter another interface. In this interface, users can drag the left black triangle towards the right sp as to shrink partition E. Next, click “OK” button.
Magic partition manager2
After going back to the main interface, users will find that there is an unallocated space in front of partition E, and this is the unallocated space that users shrink from partition E.
Magic partition manager3
After getting unallocated space, users can start to extend partition D. They should choose partition D, and click the “Move/Resize” button in the toolbar to manage partition D. Users can see the gray area on the right of partition handle in the pop-up “Move/Resize Partition” interface, and this is the unallocated space. At this time, users should drag the black triangle on the right of partition handle rightwards to extend partition. Then, click “OK” button.
Magic partition manager4
After that, users will find that the unallocated space has disappeared and the partition D has been extended at the same time, and the extension part is exactly the same as the unallocated space that users have shrunk. At last, users should confirm all operations and click “Apply” button in the toolbar to finish partition management.
The “Move/Resize” function is a basic function of magic partition manager. If you want to know more, please download magic partition manager to experience it!


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