Low Disk Space Warning

About Low Disk Space Warning

Low disk space warning is a message that pops out from task bar when the hard drive is running out of space. It reminds users to do something to free out some disk space or add some free space to the hard drive. If users ignore this warning and keep writing data to it, some day the computer will quit.
Then under what situation will the low disk space warning appear? To be specific, when the free space of a specific partition is lower than 10% of the total storage space, that partition will present itself with a red bar. And Microsoft announces that this low disk space warning message will appear when the free disk space reaches 200 MB.

How to Disable Low Disk Space Warning

Ok now we know we have to extend partition to prevent the low disk space warning from appearing again, next we will talk about how to disable this message in an effective way.
Tips: some users may think of deleting unimportant files to free out some space, however, we suggest users not to do so, because this only solves the current dilemma. You will keep writing data to your hard drive as times goes by. And struggling to pick out some files to discard is annoying. We suggest users to add another hard drive and move part of data to the new location.
Step 1: Download free Partition Wizard and install it to computer. Then connect the new drive to PC and launch MiniTool Partition Wizard. After that, click on the source partition and choose “Copy Partition“.
Step 2: Now choose the new drive as destination.
Step 3: In this page edit the target partition or leave it as default settings.
Step 4: Click “Apply” to make this change effective.
After you have copied the partition, you can delete the source partition and then carry out “Move/resize Partition” or “Extend Partition” to expand the source partition. Thus, you won’t see the low disk space warning for a long time.
For more details about Low Disk Space warning, you can refer to this article to get more relative knowledge and solutions: 3 Ways to Help You Get out of Low Disk Space Warning in Windows 7/8.1/10
If you are also annoyed by low disk space warning or hard drive is full, try this solution with free Partition Wizard.


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