Recover Lost Partition

Are you seeking a way to recover lost partition? Don’t know which way is reliable? Follow us to read this article and find the best solution here.
In one of the following situations, partition loss can happen:
• Wrong deletion: this can happen often. You are managing partitions on a drive, and you want to delete one the many partitions on the drive. However, you delete another one by mistake.
Clean on the wrong disk: in command prompt, you think you are clean the right disk, but you are clean another one in fact.
• Partition table is corrupt: due to improper operations or virus/malware attack, partition table may get corrupted and leads to partition loss.
• Power surges: if power outage happens while the partition is still being read/write accessed, a partition may get corrupt and then lost.
• Hard drive issues: one or more hardware issues may lead to some corruption in a partition, leading to partition loss then.
• Bad sectors: if a large number of bad sectors are found on a drive, it can be the good reason for partition loss.
Since Partition loss can happen in so many cases, do we have a good way to recover lost partition? Of course! Next, we will show you the best solution. Just move on.

Best Way to Recover Lost Partition

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a piece of professional partition manager software that can resolve many issues. For example, its extend Partition feature is effective to resolve “low disk pace warning” issue; its Rebuild MBR feature is useful to deal with “operating system not found” message when booting up Windows; and, its Partition Recovery is the best choice to address partition loss trouble.
Let’s see how it works on this issue:
Run this best partition recovery software to get the main interface. Then select the disk that suffers from partition loss and choose Partition Recovery.
recover lost partition-1
Select the scanning range then. We think it is easier choosing the first option “Full Disk”, and then click Next to continue.
recover lost partition-2
Choose a scanning method. Choose Quick Scan to fasten the process unless it fails. Go on.
recover lost partition-3
Ok after the scanning we can see the found partitions are listed in the middle pane. View their information to confirm whether they are the ones we need. Then check the ones we really want and click Finish.
recover lost partition-4
Finally, click Apply on the menu bar to confirm.
recover lost partition-5
We need to mention that this is a paid feature in MiniTool Partition Wizard. But you can still use the freeware to have a try first. If it finds your lost partitions, then you may consider buying a license. Click the button below to get the Free Edition.

Download MiniTool Partition Wizard

Above is how to recover accidently deleted partition quickly. But if MiniTool Partition Wizard is not helpful, you can also have a try on MiniTool Power Data Recovery, of which the Lost Partition Recovery feature will deeply scan you hard drive and try its best to get the lost data back for you.


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