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Summary: The best Kingston SSD clone software is used to upgrade hard drive, and backup disk data or system data by cloning data or migrating OS from HDD to SSD so that your computer gets better performance.


I have a laptop running 32 bit Windows 7 home premium. The existing boot partition is 266gb (246Gb free) and the Recovery partition is 29.9Gb (19.4Gb free). The laptop comes with restore/recover option for a second HDD so I have bought a new Kingston 240Gb SSD.
Ideally, I would like to clone both partitions so that the SSD becomes an identical copy of the main disc. Then I would format the old HDD and use it as a second hard drive. If I make the 2 partitions smaller in order to fit could someone please advise how to go about cloning if it is at all possible. Also, I’d appreciate any recommendations for free and easy to use cloning software.

–from bleepingcomputer

This case from the internet shows you this user wants to find a piece of Kingston SSD clone software to clone all partitions from HDD to SSD. Today we will focus on this topic and show you which is the best hard drive cloning software for Kingston and how to clone disk or migrate OS with this Kingston SSD clone tool.

Why Clone Disk to Kingston SSD

At the mere mention of hard drive cloning, some ordinary users don’t know why clone disk and why choose Kingston SSD. In this part, two sections will be listed.

Why Clone Hard Drive

It is likely that some of you are wondering: is it necessary to make a disk cloning? Under what situations do you need to clone disk? Four common causes are listed as follows.
1. Upgrade to a larger disk for more disk space: After using a disk for a period of time, the hard drive will be running out of space and then your computer runs very slowly. In this case, to upgrade to a larger disk will be a good choice.
2. Replace old HDD with SSD for better performance: As is well known, SSD has many merits, especially its great read-write speed. Therefore, many of you choose to clone disk data to SSD.
3. Backup disk data: The computer is easy to encounter data loss due to wrong deletion, power outage, hard disk failure, nature disaster and more. In order to avoid data loss, it is necessary to make a backup. Here disk cloning is a good way to copy the entire disk data to another hard drive.
4. Avoid OS installation: suppose that you have a batch of computers with the same configuration and you need to install OS for them, but you wouldn’t like to install it one by one. In this case, you can only install one and then use professional PC cloning software to do disk cloning.
why Why Choose Kingston SSD
Before cloning disk, it is essential to prepare a target disk to save this disk copy. Then Kingston SSD becomes a good choice for many of you. Why choose this disk? As mentioned above, SSD has become a popular hard drive due to its advantages, for example, lower power consumption, no noise, anti-shake performance, fast read-write speed and more. Among so many kinds of SSDs, Kingston SSD is a famous brand. Thus, in order to get a better computer performance, to clone data to Kingston SSD should be chosen. But how to do disk cloning? Usually, you ask a piece of Kingston SSD software for help.

The Best Kingston SSD Clone Software

In the market of clone software for Kingston SSD, the software kinds are various. Which one should you use? Here we will recommend you to use a very professional Kingston SSD clone tool – MiniTool Partition Wizard which is developed by the dedicated MiniTool team.
This partition manager provides you with many powerful features for disk and partition management, such as resize/extend/format/delete/wipe partition, support more basic disk management functions, manage dynamic disk, migrate OS to SSD/HD, copy disk, copy partition, recover lost partitions, rebuild MBR etc. If you want to migrate operating system or clone the entire disk files from HDD to SSD, it is very easy with its “Migrate OS to SSD/HD” or “Copy Disk” features. Due to its rich-featured functions, MiniTool Partition Wizard has earned a great reputation from users in the world. Therefore, for most users, it seems to be the best Kingston SSD clone software.

  • MiniTool Partition Wizard has six editions including Free, Professional, Pro Ultimate, Server, Enterprise, and Technician, so you can do disk cloning or migrate OS in Windows 10/8/7, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016.
  • For OS disk, the Free Edition doesn’t allow you to copy disk or migrate OS from MBR to GPT, but it is OK from MBR to MBR or from GPT to GPT. Fortunately, the Professional or the more advanced edition is available. Learn more edition comparison.
  • Before you do, please download the free Kingston HDD to SSD software or purchase its Professional Edition.



How to Clone Disk or Migrate OS from HDD to SSD

In this post, let’s take Professional Edition as an example. After installing MiniTool Partition Wizard, now it is time to use this Kingston SSD software to clone disk or migrate OS from HDD to SSD.
Preparatory Work
1. Make sure your SSD has been connected to your computer.
2. The storage disk space of SSD should be large enough so that all data of the source disk can be transferred.
3. You had better prepare an empty disk since all the data on the target SSD will be destroyed during the process of disk cloning or OS migration. If there are some important data on SSD, please guarantee that there is a backup to avoid data loss.
4. “Copy Disk” and “Migrate OS to SSD/HD” support sector-by-sector mode.

Clone Hard Drive

How do you clone a hard drive with MiniTool Partition Wizard? Actually, it is very easy. Just follow the guidance below.
Step 1: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, and then you can see there are many features for disk and partition management. In order to clone data to Kingston SSD with this Kingston SSD clone software, please use “Copy Disk” feature. There are three ways to activate this function:
1. Select it in the toolbar.
2. Right click on the OS disk and select “Copy“.
3. Select the disk you want to clone, and then click this feature from “Convert Disk” menu.
Here take the first way as an example.

Step 2: After selecting this wizard, you will enter an interface to tell you this feature can create a copy of the hard disk. Then click “Next” to continue.

Step 3: Then on this page, you can choose a disk you like to copy. (Here choose to clone OS disk.) All partitions from this disk will be copied to the target disk you will choose on the next page. Click “Next” button in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Next select a disk to copy the source content to. Here we choose SSD. All data from the source disk will be copied to SSD for a better performance. You also need to click “Next”.

Step 5: Then in the pop-up window, two copy options are for your choice:
a) Fit partitions to entire disk: all your partitions will occupy the entire disk space of the SSD proportionally.
b) Copy partitions without resize: the partition size of your SSD won’t be changed. (Here we choose this way as an example.)
Here your target disk is SSD, so “Align partitions to 1MB” option should be chosen since it could improve your computer performance.
If you want to migrate disk partitions to a GPT disk with this Kingston SSD clone software, please check “Use GUID Partition Table for the target disk”.


Note: After selecting GPT as the partition table of your SSD and clicking “Next”, a warning will appear, just like the following picture shows.

Step 6: Then MiniTool Partition Wizard will tell you to change BIOS setting and ensure the new disk is the default boot disk. Click “Finish” to return to the main interface.

Step 7: Then in the main interface, you will see there is a 200MB partition which is the reserved partition of GPT disk by default. Hit “Apply” to execute this disk cloning operation.

Now with the help of this professional Kingston SSD clone software, you can effectively finish data migration from HDD to SSD. If you only want to migrate Windows system to SSD, please read the following part.

migrate Migrate OS to SSD

When using MiniTool Partition Wizard, you will find there is a feature called “Copy Partition” and many of you think it can be used to copy system partition. As a matter of fact, some system related files for boot can’t be copied, so Windows won’t boot from the cloned system partition. Therefore, in order to ensure your computer boot properly from SSD, please choose clone disk or migrate OS. Here let’s look at how to migrate OS from HDD to SSD.
Step 1: Run the best Kingston SSD migration software – MiniTool Partition Wizard, then click “Migrate Os to SSD/HD” from the above wizards in the toolbar.

Step 2: Then in the interface, you see there are two migration methods, here we choose B to only copy the system required partitions. As for method A, it enables you to copy all partitions on the system disk to another disk. This way is equal to disk cloning.
Tip: Here some of you may ask what is the difference between disk copy and OS migration, please check this FAQ document Migrate OS to SSD/HD VS. Copy Disk in Partition Wizard.

Step 3: Then you will enter an interface to select a disk as the destination disk. Please ensure no important data is saved on your SSD.

Step 4: Also, two copy options are provided by the best Kingston SSD migration software – Partition Wizard, just choose one according to your requirement. “Align partitions to 1MB” and “Use GUID Partition Table for the target disk” are recommended to check.

Step 5: Then this Kingston SSD software for disk migration will remind you to change BIOS setting if you want to boot your computer from SSD.
Step 6: Finally, execute this OS migration operation by hitting “Apply”.

Attention: After finishing moving OS to SSD, someone may encounter a case: the computer fails to boot from SSD. How to solve this issue? Check this post – Laptop Failed to Migrate OS from HDD to SSD, Try This Way.
Now we have introduced two ways to you, and if you like our software, please share it with your friends.

Tips about Disk Cloning
After introducing how to clone disk and migrate OS from HDD to SSD, now let’s learn more information about the difference between copy & paste and clone disk. When referring to disk cloning, some of you think it means to copy & paste all files of the hard drive. As a matter of fact, a simple copy only transfers all files to another disk but not contains the file allocation table, master boot record, and more additional data. Therefore, if you want to boot your computer from the new hard drive, you must fail.
However, disk cloning can achieve this aim. Cloning means to copy all partition data from a disk to another disk by sector-by-sector mode. Besides, data on the destination disk will be identical to the source drive. Thus, this ensures the integrality of data and your computer can boot from the destination disk. So, disk cloning will be a good choice. Just choose a piece of professional Kingston SSD migration software to migrate all data to SSD or move OS to SSD for a better performance or disk upgrade.


In this post, we show you why clone hard drive, why choose to clone disk to Kingston SSD, which tool is the best Kingston SSD clone software, how to clone disk/migrate OS from HDD to SSD and some tips of disk cloning. If you want to clone disk or do OS migration, please download this free Kingston HDD to SSD software or purchase MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition (supports OS disk cloning or migration from MBR to GPT) to meet your requirement.

Should you have any question or suggestion to this article or our software, welcome to contact us by leaving a comment in the text box below or sending an email via Much appreciated!


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